10 of the Best Healthy Brisbane Breakfasts You Can Takeaway

By Sophia McMeekin
15th Apr 2015

Botanica Real Foods | Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

Do you often wake up with barely enough time to take the dogs for a run, rouse the kids, wash your hair, align your Chakras, and somehow get to work on time? 

If this sounds like you then you’re probably one of those ‘busy people’ Americans are always making movies about. The ones who are forever running hither and thither to keep this big, blue marble spinning. We love your work and know you wouldn’t have it any other way, but what do you do when the clock’s running out and you hardly have time to eat, never mind fix a nutritious breakfast in Brisbane?

What you need is someone looking out for you. Some crack team of food-wrangling wunderkinder who’ve got your back so you don’t need to compromise your health for convenience. 

Luckily, Brisbane’s breakfast scene is positively teeming with super-swift, containable breakfast nutrition so you can swear off sausage McMuffins for good. 

For everyone who regularly finds themselves starved of choice, your breakfast bowl shall runneth over, here are the best places to grab quick, delicious and nutritious breakfasts in Brisbane…



If you’re really as busy as you say, by now you’ve probably discovered the joys of having Brisbane’s Youfoodz deliver their stack of healthy, delicious lunches to your door. Wonderful news! Your favourite lunch connection is now delivering super-nutritious breakfasts. For a fresh and sweet foray into waking, Youfoodz offers the classic fruit, granola and yoghurt. But if you’re fanging for a more hearty (and still healthy) breakfast feed, Youfoodz also does a mean bacon and baked bean smash as well as a gluten-free breakfast frittata. 

Don’t wait until midday for a super convenient, nutritious health kick, start your morning with some amp from Youfoodz and get your motor running. 

Botanica Real Food

Red Hill

In recent months, Botanica’s take-away breakfast boxes have become famous for their Insta-worthy offerings of toasted coconut chia pudding, fruit salad, coconut yoghurt, overnight Bircher, Greek yoghurt, and an earth-shattering apple and blueberry breakfast crumble that’ll make you weak at the knees. Pop round to Botanica anytime between 6am and 9am on weekdays and a wee biodegradable carton of joy can be yours for just 10 bucks. 



If you’ve been keeping your finger on the clean-eating pulse, you’ll know how popular the juice cleanses at Press’d have been. Continuing on their mission to clean up our diets, Press’d now offer some seriously healthy breakfast deliciousness. Our favourite is their vegan breakfast wrap tucked tight with spicy beans, avocado, spinach, mushrooms, and salsa. This is the perfect one-handed breakfast for anyone addicted to their phone. 

Paleo Café


If the thought of Bircher makes you roll your eyes, Paleo Café’s gluten-free Bircher may be just the thing to change your mind. Their mix of dried fruit and seeds is soaked in freshly squeezed orange juice and comes with grated apple, coconut yoghurt and maple syrup for a multi-flavoured blow to the mouth. 

Spring Hill Deli

Spring Hill

One of our favourite places for leisurely breakfasts or coffee and cake, Spring Hill Deli are also one of Brisbane’s best connections for quick and healthy breakfasts on-the-go. Their tubs of chocolate chia pudding and fresh fruit taste almost too good to be healthy, and are wonderful for anyone who’s sick of skipping breakfast.  

Press Café

New Farm

James Street’s resident clean-eating hip kids specialise in quick and clean, tasty treats, so trust them to have a healthy expressfast sorted. Their chia, granola and yoghurt parfaits make a delicious and healthy Brisbane breakfast or mid-morning snack. And with raw cheesecakes, gluten-free cupcakes, and Nodo donuts, even Press’s sweet treats are secretly good for you.

The Roastery

South Brisbane

Once you’ve done the rounds of every chia pudding Brisbane has to offer, swing by the Roastery and let their quinoa porridge rock your world. Accompany your crazy quick quinoa with fresh fruit, naturally sweet coconut milk, and a powerful cup of their famous coffee. 

Kiss the Berry

South Bank & Brisbane CBD

Now we come to the bowl segment of Brisbane’s healthy breakfast offerings, starting with Brisbane’s favourite berry: acai. If you’re the kind of gym junkie who puts bulking before breakfast, Kiss the Berry’s post-workout recovery bowl is the perfect thing for hefty breakfast sustenance to help you function at OPTIMUM LEVELS OF PRODUCTIVITY. 

Beach House

South Brisbane

Just because you live a fast-paced life in the city, doesn’t mean you can’t juggle a beach lifestyle too. Southbank’s Beach House offers rejuvenating brekkie bowls, and giant stacked smoothies for a liquid breakfast that won’t leave you hungry. 

Felix Espresso

Brisbane CBD

Felix is the kind of saintly Brisbane café that makes you feel healthier simply by stepping through the door. Their brekky bowl of yoghurt, chia, seasonal fruit and seed granola can be wolfed down in a hurry, leaving you to enjoy a few precious moments of smug, clean-eating contentment.

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