10 Reasons Why New Fish And Chippery, Ol’ School Is Our Foodie Crush

By Jessica Pridmore
16th Jan 2018

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So, it turns out, we all really love fish and chips. But you didn’t need us to tell you that, right? Brisbane is in the midst of a fish and chip resurgence, with new spots popping up all over the place. I mean, we totally have the weather for it…

But there’s one spot that’s really caught our eye, and that’s Ol’ School in South Brisbane. Serving up some super classy versions of our childhood faves, this is classic fish and chips—the grown-up way (aka with a glass of wine).

If you need further convincing—who even are you?—, here are ten reasons we’re totally digging new Brisbane fish and chip shop, Ol’ School.

1. Ol’ School is courtesy of the same crew that brought us our fave Vietnamese joint, Hello Please. In essence, expect great things…

2. They do a mean chip butty: we’re talking truffle mayo on a milk bun.

3. Did we mention they also do a calamari butty, too? Repeat, calamari rings and chips, in a bun. Oh s**t.

4. They serve their hand cut ‘pro-level’ chips unwrapped on paper to your table—perfect for drizzling much vinegar and salt.

5. Their potato scallop is probably the best you’ll try in SEQ. No, we’re not kidding.


6. Location, location, location! Ol’ School is housed in the heart of South Brisbane, so it’s a cinch to grab a quick bite before (or after) a show at QPAC.

7. They serve cocktails in glass bottles. It’s super cute, plus the negroni is ace.

8. Ol’ School is totally table service! No paper numbers at the counter—this joint is classy AF.

9. Feeling a bit more adventurous than classic fish and chips? No probs, they also do a great fish taco and a battered fish burger served in their house milk bun.

10. Their fresh fish of the day could be kingfish one day, coral trout or salmon the next. Grilled or fried, naturally. #fancy

If this doesn’t get you a bit hot under the collar (or at least a little hungry) then this is not the article for you. For everyone else; GET THERE.

In other news, some legend has gone and made a Tim Tam-stuffed doughnut.

Image credit: Grace Elizabeth Images for The Urban List

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