12 Days of Eating | Our Christmas Must-Eat List

By Sophia McMeekin
12th Dec 2014

We hate to break it to you guys, but Christmas is only 12 short days away. Before you start hyperventilating into a paper bag because you’ve just realised you’ve left your Christmas shopping too late again and will have to hunt for a car park like a pleb with the rest of Brisbane this weekend, let's take a moment to reflect on the glorious period of guilt-free eating that lies ahead of you.

Here at The Urban List we are such pigs so happy it’s Christmas, we’ve scoured the best restaurants and cafes in Brisbane to put together our 2014 Christmas Must Eat List—a list of the best Christmas-themed foods in Brisbane, and those special dishes we couldn’t get away with eating any other time of year. 

Consider this your 12 Days of Eating Challenge.

Day 1: Dandelion & Driftwood’s Queen of The Pops Coffee Pops!

Just in time for summer, D&D have unveiled their range of caffeinated coffee pops (best idea ever?!). Undisputedly one of the best cafes in Brisbane, trust the gang at Dandelion & Driftwood to take coffee and make it even better! The Queen of the Pops coffee popsicles are a kick on a stick, and come in a variety of delish coffee flavours, like latte and choc-dipped cappuccino, they are exclusive to D&D, and we’re mad for them. Make sure you grab one before they close for the holidays on 21st December!

Hot tip:  D&D are also roasting a Christmas Pudding Coffee Blend for the silly season. (No, your eyes do not deceive you, we said Christmas Pudding Coffee.)

Best Restaurants Brisbane

Day 2: A Box of Snowgoose Cherries

How is this for Christmas dreams come true: The total legends at Snowgoose hand-pick the best of the cherry crop, then deliver it to your door in 48 hours. Then there’s a whole crate full of cherries at your door, just waiting to be eaten.

Day 3: Kiss The Berry Christmas Pudding Bowl

If you fancy something that's not going to clog your arteries, those acai-wizards Kiss The Berry have created a very special acai bowl for the holidays—The Christmas Pudding Bowl! A blend of organic Açaí, banana, raw cacao, cinnamon, cashews, and coconut water, then topped with activated buckinis, strawberries, coconut yoghurt, and cherries, this is virtuous Christmas eating at its best. Bonus: Kiss the Berry have a summer special of mango to top your bowl. 

Day 4: Buffalo Bar’s Crispy Fried Duck and Waffles

This is the perfect time of year to venture out of your culinary comfort zone and try a few new Brisbane restaurants. New whiskey and wings joint, Buffalo Bar, in the CBD has an epic selection of wings (no, really, it’s big—there are 12 on the menu), but it’s their duck and waffles combo’ that’s caught our eye. It’s served with a sour blueberry compote and maple hollandaise. Because you definitely haven’t eaten nearly enough maple hollandaise this year.

Day 5: The ‘Man’ Sanga from Scully’s Place

Steak, crispy pancetta, beer-braised onions, a fried egg and all the trimmings have landed this sexy sanga from Scully's Place on our list of Christmas eats. One for the day after the Christmas party.

Day 6: Jocelyn’s Provisions Plum Puddings

Just like grandma used to make, only way better than hers ever were (sorry G’ma!), Jocelyn’s puds are full of plump fruity bits and steamed like any good pud’ should be. Add some brandy sauce into the mix and you’re talking Christmas perfection.

Day 7: The Turkey & Roasted Apple Sandwich at Two Trees

If you can't wait for leftovers, then the turkey, roasted red apple, fennel, and peppercorn mayonnaise sandwich from Two Trees will make you very happy. They're also doing a sugar-plum coffee blend. Cute.

best restaurants brisbane

Day 8: Artie & Mai’s Banana French Toast

We have been holding out for this epic breakfast all year, but now’s the time to indulge. Artie & Mai’s banana French toast—a winning combo’ on its own—is made all the more alluring by the addition of salted caramel and BACON ICE CREAM (sorry, but come on!).

Day 9: Tomahawk Kitchen & Bar’s Baked Camembert

Christmas is the only time of year when putting a whole wheel of cheese into an oven is acceptable behaviour. Isn’t it the best? Tomhawk’s baked camembert is a wheel of the Barossa Valley’s finest, served with herb-infused wort and warm, crusty sourdough. Toss it back with one of Tomahawk’s many craft brews, and you'll really know the meaning of feeling merry.

Day 10: Julius Pizzeria’s Gingerbread Pudding with Caramel Ice Cream

Gingerbread is good. Things made out of gingerbread are better. Beccofino’s new little brother venue Julius is dishing up this very seasonally appropriate dessert for your noshing pleasure.

Day 11: Red Hook’s Spiked Cream Soda

This spiked spider from American-eats establishment, Red Hook is equal parts nostalgic and intoxicating. 

Best restaurants brisbane

Day 12: The Alliance Hotel’s Roast Suckling Pig 

Why wait for Christmas Day to get your roast-on, when you can delight in this crispy piggie from The Alliance Hotel? Served on a sweet potato rosti, with chimichurri and salsa negra, this baked beauty is miles ahead of any home job. Call it research. 

Image credit: Chantelle Grady , Dandelion & Driftwood, Daniel Maddock

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