12 Reasons We Love Bacchus

By Sophia McMeekin
22nd Oct 2013

This month marks a year since Bacchus set up their highly stylised and opulent stumps in South Bank. And so, to celebrate their 12 months of business, we've listed our 12 favourite things about, and to do, at Bacchus. 

1. The pool. Not many of our favourite bars have a pool, and not many open an invitation to the punters to partake in pool activities. Bacchus does, which makes this spot very special indeed.


2. Punch! Whole bowls of punch to be exact. Because good things were made for sharing, particularly when it's Cloudy Absinthe Punch. Hello, green fairy! 


3. The restaurant's chairs. It's an odd one, but their deep leather chairs are so roomy decadent, perfect to sink into while dining. 


4. High Tea! Everyone loves high tea, because scones, mini servings of cake, and ribbon sandwiches were made to be savored with cups of freshly brewed tea, and flutes of champagne as well. 


5. Butter. On the steak. Melted with a blowtorch in front of you. Enough said. 


6. The cheese. Yep. It's no secret we love cheese, but Bacchus have got a serious cheese selection, and when you order it, they bring the entire board to you, so you can choose your very own select three. Spanish blue, anyone?


7. Peach Belles. They make their own cardamom infused peach sorbet and top it with Prosecco. 


8. Dom Pérignon. They're Brisbane's home to 'The Dom'. Order by the glass, bottle, or sit down to the full experience via their restaurant degustation. 


Bacchus south bank poolside sundays


9. Shoestring fries. With cutesy pink salt no less. Oh la la. Thin and dainty enough to be savored like a lady. Crunchy and golden, just right for sharing and stomach lining. 


10. Sandwiches. Club sandwiches, and steak sandwiches, too. Big ones, best savoured in the sun. 


11. Sundays. They're all for Sundays at Bacchus, so much so that they host Bacchus Poolside Sundays every week, the perfect opportunity to don a frock, grabs the friends, and order up on cocktails, pushing all thoughts of the working week away. 


12. Wine. The wine list, to be precise. This year they took home the Award of Excellence for Wine Spectator's International Wine List Awards and Gourmet Traveler Australia's Wine List of the Year Awards. It's a balanced list with both domestic and international bottles on offer. We're particular fans of the European reds. 



What do you love most about Bacchus? Let us know! 

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Image Credit: Daniel Maddock

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