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The First Teaser Trailer For 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Just Dropped

By Ange Law
1st May 2018

Guuuuuuys! The trailer for season two of 13 Reasons Why just dropped and it’s just as bleak and cryptic as you remember. Last time we saw the gang of high schoolers, we followed the traumatising process of Clay Jensen as he listens to the suicide tapes left by his best friend Hannah Baker. But you know all this. 

By the time the screen went black on the first season of the show we thought Alex had probably copped a gunshot to the head (pure speculation, but we’re devastated at the mere thought of it), Clay had passed on Hannah’s tapes to Mr. Porter, and total creep (sorry) Tyler was planning something sinister in his dark room. 

Now the new trailer. First things first, the new season is set to air on 18 May—we’re actually so close to devouring the crap out of the show. Meanwhile, it’s a bit hard to extract any meaningful details from the trailer except that everyone is a different shade of WTF. 

A couple of standouts though: Tony looking really beat up, Jessica being threatened to keep her mouth shut, Mr. Porter looking at Bryce’s file, and Bryce being a scumbag. Also, Hannah’s mum is playing super sleuth on something and it involves a cork board, maps, polaroids and red wool joining it all together. And sweet baby angel Clay is stuck in the middle (per usual). 

Watch the full trailer below and mark your calendars, this is on. 


Ahead of the premiere of season 2, Netflix has collaborated with headspace and Mindframe to ensure that all Australian viewers have access to resources, to specifically provide support to specific audiences including young people, teachers, and parents. If you want more information, check out their guide here

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Image credit: Netflix

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