15 Reasons Being Lazy Means You’re Actually Super Smart

By Rachel Lay
9th Dec 2016

Being lazy is smart

If you're as lazy as I am, you're probably used to being berated with insults focused on your innate ability to remain an 11 out of 10 on the laziness scale pretty much all of the time. Don't beat yourself up over it though, because real life scientific fact (published in The Journal Of Health Psychology, no less!) has just found that being lazy is a sign of high intelligence, so there!

What did they find? They found that, err, 'less intelligent people' need to do more to keep their minds active while people who clocked in higher IQs needed to do less to stimulate their brains. So, in honour of realising us lazy folk are actually crazy-smart, we've whipped up 15 reasons why being lazy is actually really f**king awesome. 

  1. This one goes without being said, but being lazy rocks because it means we're crazy smart. 
  2. We encourage those around us to better themselves by working on skills that we'd rather not do, like the dishes. 
  3. By being lazy, we force people to focus on our other redeeming qualities, like the fact we're really smart. 
  4. We have a lot more time to think, and thus come up with life changing solutions. 50 bucks says Einstein was lazy AF. 
  5. Laziness means we're super innovative and make ingenious decisions.
  6.  We're always ready to impress because your hopes for us are so, so low.
  7. We're relaxed AF all of the time. 
  8. Less = more, remember?
  9. Our constant state of being is akin to meditation, so we're pretty zen. 
  10. Being lazy means that we have a great ability to prioritise the shit out of our days. 
  11. You're great at stimulating the economy because your laziness has created numerous jobs, like maids and chefs. 
  12. CBF is everyone's fave acronym. Who do you think invented it? Lazy people, duh. 
  13. A lazy person undoubtedly invented the hammock, and hammocks are the best. 
  14. Laziness invented an entirely unique humour genre of infomercials, which we're eternally grateful for. 
  15. Sleep ins. 'Nuff said. 

Want a break from being lazy? Here's some pretty great outdoor activities to do this summer around Brisbane!

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