18 Ways To Fight The Festive Bulge

By Catherine Blake
21st Dec 2016

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During Christmas time in the southern hemi we get things a wee bit twisted. Summer is the season for green juices, shredding and #cleanliving, which is in direct conflict with our Christmas customs of eating too much, drinking too much, and passing out on the couch.

And it’s not as though Christmas frivolities can be restricted to just one day. Oh no, that would be too simple. Christmas is an epicurean marathon stretching over the entire month of December and overshooting to the New Year. Delightful though this gloriously festive romp may be, it does absolutely nothing to keep the waistline trim.

Rather than make like every year and completely succumb to the Yuletide bacchanalia, we’re putting health first and have devised this nifty guide of where to go, what to do and how to plan ahead so you can best fight the festive blowout.

  1. Don’t go to parties ravenous. Eat something small and packed with protein before you leave the house so you’ll be less likely to overdo it and split your seams.
  2. The thermometer is taunting you; show how much heat you can handle and sweat out the toxins in Brisbane’s best hot yoga studios.
  3. Instead of having people round for drinks, invite the gang over for an F45 training sesh.
  4. Get out and active, check out some neat hikes.
  5. …and cool down at these waterfalls.
  6. Keep track of your drinks by finishing every glass completely before getting another rather than constantly topping up. You grown up, you.
  7. Start each day with a Berocca and KX Pilates.
  8. Park your car seven blocks from the party location and force yourself to squeeze some steps in.
  9. Set up camp outside Cocobliss.
  10. Replace your wine fridge with bottles of kombucha and coconut water.
  11. Beginning the day with a nutritious breakfast will help prevent you getting snacky later and munching on jelly snakes all the way through until dinner. 
  12. Control your portions and buy yourself a fancy new hat every time you refuse seconds.
  13. Start your resolution to get fit early by checking out one of Brisbane's best fitness classes.   
  14. Often when you think you’re hungry you’re actually just thirsty. Chug the H2O and try to match your alcoholic intake with double the amount of water.
  15. Often when you think you’re hungry you’re actually just bored. Check out what’s trending for a heatmap of everything fun and popping this month. 
  16. Turn fitness on its head with Inspire Cycle’s Aerial Yoga class.
  17. Kick the habit of buying people food as gifts; what goes around comes around… 
  18. Replace every second dessert with one of Brisbane’s best açai bowls

Looking for more ways to keep fit but hate working out? Check out the best fitness trends for people who hate fitness. We've thought of everything...

Image credit: Fitness Apparel Express

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