20 Signs You’re Probs An Ambivert

By Olivia Atkinson
16th May 2016

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For the most part, labels are dumb. They filter people into groups, leaving room for exclusion and making people feel like they don’t belong. Yep. Dumb. However, when it comes to our personalities, there’s something fascinating about gaining a bit of insight into how you function, why you think certain things and why a night in with a good book a glass (bottle) of Sauv is more you than a ‘til sunrise rager.

According to old mate Myers Briggs, I’m an introvert. Sure, I can be reserved, need time to recharge and would rather take the reading and vino route 87% of the time. BUT I can also yarn away to anyone, love the odd rowdy night out and would be lost without human interactions. Go figure…

Turns out a hell of a lot of us are neither introverts or extroverts, we’re ambiverts—sitting somewhere in the middle of the two and y’know what? You can be an extroverted introvert, introverted extrovert or ditch the label altogether and just embrace the fact that you’re a delightful mix of personality types. It’s prett-ay awesome. Here’s why you’re probably an ambivert.

  1. Your homies/loved ones have a hard time trying to figure you out. You go from the life of a party one week to being incommunicado the next.
  2. When it comes to socialising you can either thrive off it or feel like fish thrown into a frying pan.
  3. According to author David Pink you “know when to speak up and when to shut up, when to inspect and when to respond, when to push and when to hold back.” In other words, your intuition is on point.
  4. You are the master of both solo projects and teamwork.
  5. But you are also as indecisive as hell. One part of you wants to mellow out and slow things down and the other wants to get cracking.
  6. You need your downtime but you get concerned that it’s not very productive.
  7. You can balance out whoever you’re with. If they’re loud, you’ll be quieter. If they’re quiet, you’ll amp up the volume.
  8. Sometimes you’ll find yourself sitting back observing what’s going on around you.
  9. And at other times, you’ll go full YOLO and get into the moment without even thinking.
  10. Your heart sinks when you tell someone that you’re actually quite introverted and they laugh/scoff/don’t believe you. This initiation of tequila shots is a once-a-month thing, bud. I’m usually watching the telly with a pizza.
  11. You have a love-hate relationship with social media. Part of you wants to post selfies 24/7 and the other doesn’t want anyone knowing anything about your life.
  12. You don’t dig your birthday. You’re stuck between wanting a big blowout with everyone you know and an intimate gathering with you, one other and food.
  13. You’ll spending an afternoon talking up a storm on your phone but you’ll then avoid incoming calls for weeks at a time.
  14. You’re a pro at “Feeling sick, can’t make it, cough, cough” but when you actually get your A into G and go to an event, you’re surprised how stoked people are to see you.
  15. Coffee dates turned group dates are your worst nightmare. You mentally prepared yourself for flat whites and DNMs and now you have to deal with more than one human.
  16. Whenever you’re feeling lonely or down, you’re faced with the dilemma of “am I lonely enough to actually go outside or will FaceTime with the bestie do the trick?”
  17. Speaking of, it’s hard to get the balance right. Spending too much time with others can leave you feeling drained, but too much time alone can bring you doooown.
  18. You have thought, on more than one occasion, that you could be bipolar.
  19. People always approach you for advice/use you as their shoulder to cry on/tell you their life story even though you’ve just met them. Staaap. 
  20. You read lists about introverts and think “that’s me!” then read lists about extroverts do the same. The confusion is real. 

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