20 Things You Have To Do Before The End Of Summer

By Catherine Blake
27th Feb 2017

summer in Brisbane, things to do Brisbane

Glorious summer! You sexy bastard, come here and give us a smooch. I won’t say it hasn’t been fun; we’ve had some wild times this season languishing on sandy shores and dreaming up new and inventive ways of avoiding incineration in the open air. There's nothing like your brighty days and humid nights to help us appreciate both the corporeal delights of sinking an ice cold craft brew and our bodies' ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

But as rocky as our relationship is, we truly miss you when you’re gone. The trees are rustling with the promise of cooler weather on its way, so to commemorate your leaving us for yet another turn we’ve dreamt up an itinerary of celebratory frivolities to send you off.

So long summer, you scorching chore. It’s been real. 

  1. Embark on a splash safari and hit up all these waterholes.
  2. Finally cut the tags off that vampy new one-piece you bought back in November and haven’t had to confidence to serve up.
  3. Cool down and rock out with some multi-purpose popsicle wonders.
  4. Break out your emergency bottle of Aperol and see what that baby can do.
  5. Farewell the heatwave with a gambol around Brisbane's coolest pools
  6. Camp out at the base of Mt Warning and climb to the summit for the first glimpse of sunrise in the entire continent.
  7. Change the dressing one last time on that third degree burn where the seatbelt buckle stung you.
  8. Make the most of the surplus sunlight with a nice old-fashioned picnic
  9. Introduce a thin blanket back into your bedclothes.
  10. Raise a final cheers with an all-out Sunday sesh.
  11. Round up the last of the stonefruit and make bulk jam to get you through the rest of the year. 
  12. Catch up on all your summer viewing with a nice little binge-watch. 
  13. Languish in the freedom to swan about the house in nothing but your knickers without someone imploring you to go put on pants.
  14. Load the fam into the back of your land yacht and squeeze in a final beach trip.
  15. Or ditch the fam and spend some quality surf time with the puppers
  16. Take the whipper-snipper for one last trip around the lawn.
  17. Put the finishing touches on your tan and hone your tolerance at the same time with some sunshine drinking
  18. Take your jeans out of storage and return them to their rightful place in the rotation. 
  19. Put your brain on ice with some of our favourite frozen desserts
  20. Demolish the last of the mangoes. 

Image credit: David Lezcano

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