23 Signs You Were Born And Raised In Brisbane

By Catherine Blake
13th Jun 2016

Things to do in Brisbane

As the great man himself – Ron Swanson – once said ‘you only have one hometown’ and for a lot of us Brisbane is that hometown. No matter how far afield we haul our wretched hides we manage to bring with us the distinct and undeniable markings of our Brisbane heritage. Don’t fight it, if you were born and raised in this splendid patch some stuff is rooted in your MARROW.

Here are some of the tell tale signs that you were born and raised in Brisbane:

  1. Graduation was over 12 years ago, but where you went to school is still your favourite thing to talk about.
  2. Writing ‘XXXX’ when someone asks you to spell ‘beer’.
  3. The team at Jocelyn’s Provisions know your birthday order and don’t even bother waiting for your call to bake it.
  4. You have never had any trouble pronouncing Joh Bjelke-Petersen.
  5. At one point seriously considering getting a Southern Cross tattoo.
  6. It says so on your birth certificate.
  7. The sight of smoke billowing out of the side of a mountain is a thing to worry about.
  8. At the word ‘Christmas’ your first thought is of a tray of mangoes.
  9. Using the phrase ‘jim in’ to describe a tag along.
  10. Not screaming in terror when a huntsman scuttles across the wall.
  11. Fondly reminiscing on the time school was cancelled due to a heatwave.
  12. Getting ferociously competitive about State of Origin, even though it’s not your code.
  13. Your current haircut is a reiteration of the same one Stefan gave you all those years ago.
  14. Never remembering to bring an umbrella. Ever.
  15. Buying your mosquito repellent and sunscreen in bulk.
  16. Never thinking twice before joining a recovery team in the wake of a natural disaster.
  17. Holding illegal cockroach races in your backyard.
  18. Feeling robbed if the sun hasn’t been out for at least two thirds of the day.
  19. Strongly identifying with the pineapple emoji.
  20. Whinging about how bad the traffic is when there are barely four other cars on the road.
  21. Thinking it’s perfectly okay to wear pluggers to a sit-down dinner.
  22. Considering 18°C arctic conditions.
  23. Tearing up whenever someone mentions the avocado shortage

Image credit: beesnees.com

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