24 Things Only A True Homebody Will Understand

By Bella Ramdhanie
5th May 2018

24 Things Only A True Homebody Will Understand

For many, there is nothing better than a bursting schedule—jam-packed with dinners, dancing and mate-dates. But for the rest of us, the thought of leaving our crib is outrageously unappealing. We’re here to educate you on all the ups and downs that come with adoring the indoors. Here are 24 things only a true homebody will understand.

  1. Committing to plans gives you the major sweats.
  2. “Yeah, I can’t wait!” *cries internally*.
  3. Every time you go out, you plot the distance from home.
  4. Being asked, “why so antisocial?” If you ask, you probably don’t understand us at all.
  5. Always being one moment away from tapping your feet together and murmuring there’s no place like home. Worth a shot, right?
  6. Fake friendships are a no go. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  7. People are shocked that, for you, reading trumps clubbing.
  8. In fact, Netflix trumps clubbing too.
  9. Bad weather is worth celebrating. Is there anything better than a cosy get-up, warm food and your favourite flick? No. No there is not.
  10. People assume you’re part sloth. But you’ve got home workouts, home-cooked meals and working from home down pat.
  11. Listening to people complain about how expensive it is going out and not being able to relate. At all.
  12. Seeing people out and about and waiting for the FOMO that never comes.
  13. You’re super easy to please. Because there’s not much better than ditching a party and ordering in with your ride or die.
  14. Fake excuses are your strong suit.
  15. “Sorry! My boss just changed the deadline of this huge project! What can ya do, eh?”
  16. “My (insert pet name here) is sick! Raincheck?”
  17. “Oh damn! I have a migraine-gym-inflicted-injury-stomach-bug-family-member-is here-work-dinner-dentist-doctor-appointment!”
  18. Finding yourself getting hella jealous of your cat… who has nobody hassling them.
  19. People are happy bopping from event to event. This is weird. You need ‘me’ time to recharge.
  20. Your home décor is amazing. A sanctuary should look good, duh.
  21. Having a TV series and good book on stand-by. At all times.
  22. When people do come over, they marvel at your undeniable cooking skills.
  23. Loving your friends more than anyone else…even if you don’t see them very often.
  24. Hating how shy you were as a child but now realizing you’re just an introvert.
  25. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that!

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