25 Things To Eat Before Your Summer Shred Kicks Off

By Phoebe Grealy
22nd Sep 2015

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Yeah, yeah, yeah – we know it’s time to start getting the rig ready for singlets and festivals, and bikinis and the beach. But, you know, maybe it would be a good idea to have one little last hurrah before it’s all grilled chicken, broccoli and protein shakes?

If you subscribe to the logic that healthy life is a little easier to attain with one last blowout before shit gets real, we’re right there with you.

Permission to say yes to all the carbs, sweet treats and second helpings one last time...Here is our list of 25 things to eat in Brisbane before your summer shred begins:

  1. Gerard’s Bar’s open-face pork sandwich with aioli, white anchovies, and pork crackling. Bliss.
  2. A double-stack classic cheeseburger from Ben’s Burgers with bacon and a milkshake because YOLO, right?
  3. The Salted caramel funnel cake from World’s Famous Funnel Cakes.
  4. Pumpkin pie cinnamon bun from Bake: Plant Based at the Boundary Street Markets.
  5. Nutella and banana rotti from the Street St Market Stall at the Kelvin Grove Markets.
  6. Donut Boyz’ Banoffee Donut. Don't think about calories.
  7. The Egg Slut Burger from Sonny’s House of Blues.
  8. A kilo of buffalo wings at The Manhattan Line, with a deep-fried Mars bar for dessert.
  9. Bust into Black Pearl Epicure and go home with a hefty swag of goats milk brie.
  10. Super Whatnot’s Wagyu Hamburger.
  11. Fritelle di Cioccolato—a chocolate and ricotta fried dumpling served with custard—from Julius Pizzeria.
  12. A pork knuckle the size of your head from Bavarian Bier Café.
  13. A classic cream doughnut with jam from Flour & Chocolate.
  14. Pan-seared lamb pie with red wine on blue cheese with potato top from Piefection Pies.
  15. London Field’s roasted bone marrow with crispy onion and crunchy bread.
  16. The giant ricotta, mozzarella, pepperoni, salami and olive calzone pizza at Beccofino. Big is always better.
  17. The pulled pork cheese fries at Newstead Brewing Co.
  18. The cheese burger at Gerard's Bar. How can you say no to a brioche bun covered in lard and set alight so that it oozes goodness? 
  19. The juicy steak frites at Les Bubbles in the Valley: primarily for the unlimited fries.
  20. Salted caramel gelato wedged between two layers of brioche at La Macelleria Gellateria.
  21. Brisket burgers at Getta Burger, rounded out with the apple pie ice-cream milkshake... and maybe also a serve of their delicious fries.
  22. Porchetta with orange, maple and honey glaze and a side of salt and vinegar roasted potatoes at The Servery, with cheese before and after the meal.
  23. A huge bowl of the Wild Boar-Lognaise from Bucci Restaurant. Roast pig and pasta = perfection.
  24. All five desserts on offer in the Bacchus Dessert Degustation. Because, desserts.
  25. And while we’re talking degustations, let’s just go for it and get the 9-course degustation at The Foraging Quail that ends with eight textures of chocolate, a peanut butter log, moss and blood orange sorbet.

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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