30 Meals You Would Have Eaten If You Live In Brisbane

By Catherine Blake
16th Aug 2016

30 best meals in Brisbane

Welcome to your official dining-out checkpoint! The best and most reliable way of making sure you’re on track to crossing off everything on your Brisbane dining bucket list.

Living in Brisbane comes with a variety of perks; our favourite is naturally the geographical proximity to all the amazing food at some of Brisbane's best restaurants vying for our attention. Though the rolling trends keep us plenty entertained, some loyal dishes have served Brisbanites faithfully over the years and held their own amongst a turbulent swell of ins and outs. Today we honour just 30 of the feeds that chiselled our city into such a studmuffin:

  1. Classic cheeseburger at Ben’s Burgers because you bloody earned it.
  2. Chicken parmy at the Breakfast Creek Hotel, on or after a night on the turps.
  3. Prosciutto pizza at Julius Pizzeria, which you refused to share.
  4. Chips from Chicken Magic (RIP).
  5. A slab of XXXX fresh off the belt.
  6. Rice paper rolls at Quan Thanh that were all different sizes because you rolled them yourself.
  7. Ramen from Taro’s.
  8. Midnight pancakes at Pancake Manor, usually to abate the horrors of last minute cramming.
  9. 14 strawberry ice creams at the Ekka because they only come around once a year and you wanted to make sure you got the most out of it.
  10. Sausage rolls at Brewbakers.
  11. Lemon curd tartlets from the Welsh Lady, heavy on the curd.
  12. An entire box of fresh doughnuts from Doughnut Time.
  13. Beccofino’s duck ragu pappardelle, just to silence the people constantly pestering you to get on it.
  14. Gypsy roesti from Roesti Revolution at the Davies Park markets.
  15. Honey puffs at Paniyiri AFTER joining in the syrtaki.
  16. Every single item on Harvey’s iconic breakfast menu.
  17. Spring roll rice vermicelli salad at AJ Vietnamese House.
  18. Chocolate sour cream cake from Jocelyn’s Provisions (if you’ve ever been to a 16th birthday party in Brisbane then you have almost definitely tried this).
  19. A Cowch magnum that you designed yourself #picasso.
  20. Bowl of phō from Sunnybank’s Vietnam Corner BBQ Restaurant.
  21. A stein of blended fruit from Cesar’s Smoothies and Juices at the Jan Powers’ Market.
  22. Chilli dog and New York fries from Carolina Kitchen, with a key lime pie chaser.
  23. Cake and chai at Three Monkeys Coffee House.
  24. The all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet at Govinda’s, which accounts for the entire bottom level of the uni student’s nutritional pyramid.
  25. Peking duck pancakes at Sichuan Bang Bang.
  26. Croissants from Chouquette that, for some reason, always taste better after a Sunday morning sleep-in.
  27. 12-hour smoked Texas short ribs from The Smoke BBQ, slathered in sauce.
  28. The fried chicken burger at The Bleachers. Load up on extra jalepeños and special sauce like a a total baller.
  29. Fish fragrant eggplant at Happy Boy, birthplace of fantasy.
  30. Avocado toast at Bitter Suite.

Image credit: The Bleachers, Ariana Gillrie

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