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4 Tips for Perfect Winter Skin

By Claire & Jas
6th Jun 2012

The crisp June weather may bring a rosiness to some complexions but unfortunately we're not so lucky. As the temperature drops our skin is craving a little extra attention and whole lot of moisture.

We have a few tried and tested rules to help us survive the cold sting of winter:

1. Remember to exfoliate: Despite our skin being parched we've found that regular exfoliation during the colder months helps keep our complexions smooth and glowing. We make sure to use a gentle exfoliant and switch our skin-scrub routine from 2-3 times a week to once a week.

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2. Slap on some sunscreen: The temperature is on a downward run and the sun doesn't feel as harsh now that we're out of the summer season so it's understandable that we may consider forgoing sunscreen from our daily beauty regime. Understandable, but not wise. Put sunscreen back on your shopping lists; sun protection is an all year requirement in the southern hemisphere.

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3. Moisturise: This won't come as a surprise - lather on the moisturiser in the cooler weather. We replace our normal moisturiser in winter for one that is oil-based (rather than water-based) for additional assistance in retaining moisture. Hydrating masks also find their way to our weekly skin-care routines, keeping dry patches at bay. 

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4. Give hands & lips extra love: The skin on your hands is already delicate and in winter its even more in need of moisturising. Stash a hand moisturiser in your handbag to promote better care of your digits. We've also found that exfoliating lips with a facial exfoliant is a perfect prelude to applying your favourite winter chapstick.

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Do you have any tips for perfect winter skin?

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