The 400 Co | Solving the ‘what to wear to work’ dilemma

By Eagle Street Yuppie
5th Jul 2013

It's the same old problem every morning: what am I going wear to work?! I like to make a statement, but I don't want to come across too bold for the office. I want to wear something with personality, but I don't want to look casual. Fickle, much? Maybe a little. I'm sure there are many others who face this same daily predicament, so we caught up with somebody who knows all about how to look impeccable in the office.  

Laura Chong is the beauty and brains behind The 400 Co, a new online fashion boutique specialising in women's corporate wear. Her advice is to 'spend (that little) time getting together the few essentials of a savvy corporate wardrobe. Don't buy a plain white shirt that anyone could have—find five staple pieces that are unique and inspired.'  But don't go overboard, she warns: 'in the office, it's all about the subtle and sophisticated differences.'  Luckily, Laura has done the hard work for us—here are her top five picks from The 400 Co's collection that will take you from Monday's important meeting to the mid-week client function and then to Friday's after-work drinks.  

The 400 Co

Just like her clientele, Laura is an ambitious and driven young professional—a lawyer, in fact. I wasn't lying about the beauty and brains part. The 400 Co started as her creative business venture because she became bored of wearing the same grey suits and high-street labels as everyone else in the office. The latter sounds familiar, which is why we think it won't be long before many of you will be ordering online from The 400 Co, too.  

If you are a little wary about online shopping, then you can go check out the collections in person. The 400 Co has a pop-up shop opening at the Fortitude Valley markets on Sunday 7 July.

Images credit: The 400 Co. 

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