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5 Brisbane Bars That Pair Wine And Cheese Perfectly

By Jessica Pridmore
26th Oct 2016

best cheese and wine bars Brisbane

Science has finally proven what we’ve known all along; wine and cheese tastes better together.

For all you folks out there that love to drink wine and eat cheese at the same time—the mind boggles—here’s five Brisbane bars that push the culinary envelope and serve these two totally-out-there combos. Together. Ground breaking…

Here’s our picks of Brisbane bars with epic cheese and wine combos.

Corbett & Claude

Brisbane CBD

Straight up ballers, Corbett & Claude serve up some mighty fine grapes (plus some really great cocktails if you want to really push the boundaries) and have one beaut of a cheese board for $22. If you’re feeling all kinds of brave you can even make your own cheese platter (so you don’t have to share that wedge of double cream brie). Score!


Brisbane CBD

A hatted French restaurant, Privé249 take their food incredibly seriously, not least their incredible array of cheese. Presented on a dedicated cheese cart (say whaa??), choose your fave stinker while the maître d' perfectly pairs your wine for you, meaning less time for thinking more time for eating. Bon appetite!

Fromage The Cow


Cheese aficionados, Fromage The Cow’s menu features cheese with every dish—for breakfast, lunch and dinner no less! Stop in for a cheeky cheese platter by ordering from the cheese counter any time of day, and pair with a glass or two of wine (we’re loving their range of stickies!).



Canvas in Woolloongabba mastered the perfect cheese board way back, and is the go-to when you get that late night cheesey craving. For maximum cheese-to-wine ratio, order a bottle of Pinot Noir, the large cheese board (naturally), and go ahead and grab the charcuterie board as a side while you’re there.

Gerard’s Bar

Fortitude Valley

Not content with serving up some of the finest sobrassada this side of the equator, Gerard’s Bar’s selection of cheeses is one for the real cheese addicts. Sourced from around the world, we suggest pairing the queso de cabra con pimento from Spain, the d’affinois and Epoisses from France with a glass of Domaine de Triennes Rosé. A little bit fancy, and totally worth it.

If you're still craving some stinky cheese, read Brisbane's best cheesey everything for all of the cheese!

Image credit: Privé249 by Ariana Gillrie

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