5 Top Spots To Yum Cha

By Kate McCart - 14 Mar 2013

Oriental Yum Cha

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Bamboo Basket

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King of Kings Seafood Restaurant

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Yeah, yeah, I know we've been here before. But Yum Cha fare seems to be popping up left, right, and centre. And you! You just keep asking for more. And seriously, can you blame us for wanting to bring you round two? Dim sims, dumplings, and BBQ pork buns all before midday. It's a pretty damn delicious deal, if you ask me. So, here you go, here's our top 5. There's a couple of oldies, and a few new favourites. 

1. Oriental Yum Cha

This is a newie. Setting up shop in Siana's old Fortitude Valley digs, Oriental Yum Cha is a tad more sleek and sophisticated than its Chinese counterparts. Yum Cha fanatics have been queuing up from lunch to dinner since they opened in late February. And the reviews are all good. So, brave the crowd, get in the queue, and see what all the fuss is about.  

2. Bamboo Basket

Think less yum cha and more dumplings. I'm talking every kind of dumpling under the sun. Defying logic, Bamboo Basket's Xiao Long Bao, or soup dumplings are a must. With silky pastry that is paper thin, they somehow hold the soup and chicken inside. Dressed with a fine julienne of raw ginger and a splash of vinegar, they're pretty much heaven on earth. 

3. Landmark 

Here in The Urban List office, we hail Landmark for their crispy skin duck. Served solitary, or wrapped up with cucumber, shallots and hoi sin, it's always a winner. I'll give you the heads up—you will have to fight your way through a ridiculously long line of hungry people to secure a table, but I think that says it all. It's a Sunnybank institution. 

4. King of Kings

With a number to choose from, King of Kings is the pick among The Valley's yum cha fare. Think dumplings, spring rolls, steamed buns, Asian greens, barbequed meats, and, like it or not, the odd plate of chicken feet or tripe. For lovers of calamari, they serve up the crispiest, most delicious deep-fried squid. Drown it in soy and chilli sauce for the ultimate flavour sensation.

5. Chinahouse

So King of Kings is packed to the rafters… Don't cry, your Yum Cha dreams aren't over yet. Walk 50 metres down the Chinatown Mall and you'll discover old-faithful, Chinahouse. They've been in the business for way too many years to count, and the food is well and truly up to scratch. Old, slightly outdated oriental interior never hurt anyone. 

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