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5 Ways To ‘Go Organic’

By Kim Barnard
28th Jun 2012

Chances are, you are fairly well-attuned to the benefits of going organic. These days, no matter which way you turn, the organic message is in your face. 

But where to start?

Enter Wray Organics. A certified organic market and café that is developing a cult following in Queensland, Wray Organics has become a favourite among those looking to source healthy, great-quality food and lifestyle products they can trust.

I caught up with Angus, new owner of the Indooroopilly arm of Wray Organics, to get the lowdown on how best to spend your organic dollars.

Here are the top five areas to splash your cash:

1. Fruit and veggies

An easy way to up the healthiness of your diet, organic fruit and veggies are well worth your while. Free from chemicals, pesticides, and other nasties often found in the supermarket varieties, making the switch to organic fruit and veg is a simple way to ease into an organic lifestyle. 

Urban List Tip: Apples top the 'dirty' list, so they're a good place to start when making the switch to organic. If you feel it's too costly to switch all of your fruit and vegetable purchases to the organic aisle, be sure to check this list of the 12 worst offenders when it comes to pesticides.

2. Skincare

It's so important to take care of your skin – it's your largest organ, after all – and so it makes sense to only put the best stuff on it. Wray Organics stocks a huge range of certified organic, natural and beautiful skincare products that will have you wondering why you didn't make the switch sooner.

Urban List Tip: Check out organic cosmetics brand, Lavera, for great-quality makeup without the chemical factor. You should also look into Simplicite, a family-owned chemical-free skin care and make up line. 

3. Cooking oils

One of the easiest ways to give your health a kick start is to ditch the highly-processed vegetable oils in favour of a more nourishing alternative. There is a wide range of healthy cooking oil alternatives, including the increasingly-popular coconut oil (renowned for its amazing health benefits). 

Urban List Tip: Coconut Magic coconut oil is our go-to cooking oil. Delicious! 

4. Meat

You want meat that comes from animals that are treated humanely and fed good quality produce. Brissie institution, The Meating Place, promise delicious, clean and chemical-free meat, and yes - you can pick this up at your Wray Organics store.

Urban List Tip: Try the bacon – no nitrates or preservatives and so delicious!

5. Flours, Grains & Pastas

We love pasta as much as the next person but, often, standard pastas are heavily processed and just not that good for you. Switching to organic pastas cuts out a lot of preservatives, and you won't even know the difference - we promise!

Urban List Tip: We love Spiral Foods pasta for their huge range, al dente texture and taste.  

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