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50 Things To Do In Brisbane Under $50

By Ellie Grounds
7th Sep 2015

Melbourne might be the ‘world’s most liveable city’ and all that, and Sydney’s got the harbour and an abundance of Gelato Messina stores (damn you) but all that glory comes at a cost. Melbourne and Sydney were ranked the fifth and sixth most expensive cities in the world this year by The Economist, but sunny Brisbane was nowhere near getting that gong, which clearly means you can get more bang for your buck up here in Brisneyland. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of 50 things to do in Brisbane for under $50. Here’s what you can do in our glorious city for less than 50 big ones.

  1. See a comedy show at The Powerhouse. Arj Barker is on from 29 September – 18 October. Ticket prices depend on which day you go, but they’re all under 50 bucks! 
  2. Roll your hungover self out of bed on a Sunday and check out the Red Hill Markets, where you’ll be able to grab a solid feed with plenty of change to spare.
  3. Chuck the beanbags in the ute and go to the drive-in! Tickets to the Yatala Drive-In are just $13 for an adult.
  4. While you’re at it, stop by Yatala Pies and grab yourself breakfast, lunch, dinner and an apple pie for dessert.
  5. Climb a mountain! Just don’t fall off, otherwise it’ll set you back $350 and a trip to The Wesley. Check out Mount Cougal, Mount Cordeaux, Mount Edwards or Mount Greville.
  6. Take a joy ride up and down the glorious Willy Wonka’s Chocolate (read: Brisbane) River on the City Cat.
  7. Buy six boxes of Golden Gaytimes and eat them in your backyard while soaking up the splendid Brisbane sun.
  8. Check out Fright Night Friday at New Farm Cinemas, with tickets going for a flat rate of $13. Or if you need something a little more comforting, relive your childhood with Disney Sundays for just $6.
  9. Take a trip to Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse and spend 50 big ones on bulk candy.
  10. Go to Remy’s for Sunday hip-hop afternoons. It’s two-for-one burgers between 3.30pm and 5.30pm, leaving you with plenty of dosh for beers.
  11. Fill up your car with $29 worth of petrol then drive to Coolangatta and spend the remaining $21 on a 1L take home tub of Gelato Messina’s salted caramel and white chocolate gelato.
  12. Pretend it’s the Ekka all year round and dig in to the Sobrassada Dagwood Dogs at Gerard’s Bar. At $5 a pop, you could eat 10… or you could eat one and drink three Aperol spritzes.
  13. Take a day trip to Straddie. $50 will get you a return trip on the water taxi, a bus ride to and from the beach, fish and chips AND an afternoon gelato!
  14. Go to Bunnings on the weekend and buy 25 sausage sizzle sausages.
  15. Crank it up and go indoor rock climbing at Crank for just $20. 
  16. Relive those childhood days bouncing for hours on the trampoline at Bounce for just $16. 
  17. Come on, you’ve got to do it once. Take a spin on the Wheel of Brisbane for $17.50. Add in an appetizer share platter for you and a friend and it’s just $30 each! 
  18. Check out the Ben & Jerry’s Open Air Cinemas from 2 October–15 November. If you’re feeling fancy, $27 will get you a movie ticket, a reserved bean bag, a Ben & Jerry’s treat and a soft drink! Score!
  19. Drink more out-of-this-world milkshakes than your stomach can handle at Whisky Business.
  20. Buy a family-sized box of doughnuts from Doughnut Time. And then buy another one.
  21. Spend a day playing barefoot bowls at the Red Hill Community Sports Club. At just $5 a head, that covers you and nine of your nearest and dearest in a fight to the death to be crowned best bowler.
  22. Buy 50 $1 frozen cokes from Milton Macca’s then hightail it up to Mt Coot-tha to try finish them all before they melt.
  23. Skip out on 1.5 coffees this week so you have an extra fiver to go to Cork & Chroma. We know it’s $55, but the temptation to try out your painting skills while sipping on wine is just too much!
  24. Go for a tour of the XXXX Brewery for $32.
  25. Look hot and dangerous after 10 consecutive days doing bikram yoga at Bikram Yoga Brisbane with a $20 intro pass. 
  26. Then go and negate all that exercise by feasting on a BB Classic with extra candied bacon, chilli cheese fries and a Chocolate Hershey’s Milkshake at Ben’s Burgers. According to my calculations you’ll still have money left over for a brownie AND pecan pie (with ice cream on both)!
  27. Save yourself a whole $50 and check out whatever is on for free at GOMA. At the moment GOMA Q, a showcase of contemporary Queensland art, is on until 11 October and then the 8th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art is on from 21 November until April next year.
  28. Buy a 10-pass to the Centenary Pool in Spring Hill and get a head start on that summer bod.
  29. At $5.50 each, you can get nearly 10 delicious tacos from Sin Vida. Or, you could just get a couple and then order a jug of sangria or frozen margarita. Either way, either way is fine.
  30. Go the whole hog and get the Carolina Pack (large ribs, 12 buffalo wings and New York Fries) at Carolina Kitchen for $44.
  31. Grab your mates and a picnic rug and head to the River Quay Green at Southbank to watch the sun set over some BYO ciders. Thank god for wet licensed areas.
  32. Check out what’s on at the Sciencentre. You can see animated, life-size dinosaurs at Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous until 5 October. Adult tickets are $15, but if you’re more into dinosaurs than Ross Gellar you can get a season pass and visit them as many times as you like for $30.
  33. Watch the footy at Suncorp #BronxNation.
  34. Head to Charlie Cools in West End and pick up 50 bucks worth of their mouth-watering Zoe’s Brownies.
  35. Drink a whole Scorpion Bowl to yourself at Alfred & Constance. We don’t recommend this, but it’s an option.
  36. Buy $50 worth of delicious stuffed olives from The Standard Market Co. We don’t really care what you do after that.
  37. Send someone a surprise bunch of outrageously cute flowers from Small Bunch for just $30.
  38. Check out a movie under the stars at the Limes Hotel Rooftop Cinema every Wednesday and Thursday evening. Tickets are $15 a pop, or you can opt for the “A Date with Mr Alfredo” which gets you two tickets plus an Alfredo’s pizza to share for just $45.
  39. Tell the kind folk at Canvas exactly what you like in a drink. For $20 they will take a blank canvas and every liquor at their disposal and turn it into whatever your heart desires.
  40. Chow down on a dinner of Cone Bay barramundi followed by lemon zest doughnuts, milk chocolate, freeze dried plums and fairy floss for dessert at New Farmer’s Kitchen.
  41. Eat dinner at home then go and splurge on dessert at Stokehouse. For 50 big ones you can get ‘The Bombe’ (frozen white chocolate parfait, strawberry sorbet and toasted meringue), the caramelised apple cannoli with cinnamon ice-cream, granny smith mousse and walnut crumble AND a cheese with muscatels, quince, fruit and nut loaf and lavosh.
  42. Treat yo’ self to the banquet menu at Kwan Brother’s. Eight dishes, one low price (of $42 per person). Say no more.
  43. Pick yourself up some delicious cheese platter goodies from New Farm Deli then have a picnic in New Farm Park.
  44. Get a tasting paddle of beer at Newstead Brewing Co.
  45. Channel your inner Happy Gilmore and head to the Victoria Park Driving Range. You can get a bucket of 105 balls for just $17.
  46. Browse through the glorious range of paperbacks at Avid Reader and pick up some new beach reads for summer.
  47. Head to Archive for two-for-one meals on Wednesdays and spend your change on dranks instead.
  48. Pretend it’s someone’s birthday and buy a family-sized chocolate sour cream cake from Jocelyn’s Provisions.
  49. Revive your childhood dreams of becoming a ballerina and do a couple of Barre Pilates classes at Revive Studio
  50. Get the bacon and egg roll with fries AND the French toast from Crosstown Eating House for Sunday brunch, just because you can.

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Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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