50 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Brisbane

By Daniel Colasimone - 30 Apr 2015

The Scratch
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Cafe O-Mai
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The Manhattan Line
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The Baker’s Arms
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Java Lounge
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Paddington Deli & Epicerie
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Dudley Street Espresso and Collectables
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Riverbend Books
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Alfred & Constance
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Los Villanos
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Jamie’s Italian Brisbane
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There is plenty to do in the Queensland capital when the sun is out, but what about when the weather is not so kind?

Brisbanites are so accustomed to spending time outdoors on sunny days that when the clouds burst, they are often left without a plan B. 

Don’t worry. As usual, we’ve got you sorted. Here are 50 things to do on a rainy day in Brisbane.

  1. Grab yourself a dark beer and play board games at The Scratch Bar in Milton.
  2. Drive around blasting Missy Elliott in your Toyota Yaris until it runs out of fuel, then abandon it.
  3. Nothing is better on a rainy day than Vietnamese food. Pho-get the stormy weather at Café O Mai in Annerley.
  4. Make sure your sawn-off shotgun is cleaned, oiled and ready for action.
  5. Would it be too obvious to say ‘go to the cinema’? No? Okay, go to the cinema, but make it the Blue Room or one of the Palace joints so you can have a cheeky glass of wine and some munchies while you watch the movie.
  6. Make cupcakes and decorate them as per the different Game of Thrones houses.
  7. Give your mind a lazy massage at GOMA. And if you want to spoil yourself, stay for a meal at the amazing restaurant.
  8. Do you have a partner? Why are you even reading this list then? You should be whacking some Al Green on the record player (ie on Spotify, to play through your Bluetooth speakers), getting neked and playing a game of ‘Mr Wobbly hides his helmet’. 
  9. Channel Steven Bradbury, Jayne Torvill or Bambi by going for a cheap skate at Ice World in Acacia Ridge or Boondall.
  10. Play bridge with the ladies.
  11. Wallow in ennui. 
  12. Watch the rain fall outside while sipping a cocktail at the Manhattan Line in Southbank.
  13. Go antiquing in Woolloongabba then chow down on one of the Baker’s Arms’ famous parmy sandwiches.
  14. OR browse the Antique Centre in Paddington before setting up in Java Lounge, Shouk or the Paddington Deli and Epicerie for a tasty lunch.
  15. Compile a rainy day playlist. Make sure it contains Creedence’s ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain’, Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ and Toto’s ‘Africa’.
  16. Don’t have a partner? Then the Tinder bus is coming. With this list in hand you’ll have a million suggestions for a first date with another bored Brisbanite out there. Okay, maybe not a million, but at least 22 half-reasonable ideas. If you do end up swanky swirling with someone thanks to a suggestion on this list, I expect Snapchats as payment.
  17. Sip some wine while creating an abstract masterpiece at Cork and Chroma in West End.
  18. Watch Kar Wai Wong’s ‘In the Mood for Love.’
  19. Do some op shopping in Annerley, with a pit stop at Dudley Street Espresso for coffee and sweet treats.
  20. Re-create the original Miami Vice intro using Lego.
  21. Mosey through Riverbend Books in Bulimba for a couple of hours while occasionally re-fuelling at the adjoining café. 
  22. Do the Boggo Road Gaol tour. When you’re finished, pretend you’ve escaped after 27 years and run outside into the rain for your Shawshank moment.
  23. Go for a swim at Spring Hill Baths. Crazy when it’s raining, I know, but most of this beautiful facility is indoors and once you’re in the water you’ll be wet anyway, right? And this pool is heated, baby.
  24. Watch Scarface so many times that you no longer have to imitate the accent, it just comes out naturally whenever you speak.
  25. Add to your life skillz by doing a cooking course at Putia Pure Food Kitchen Pantry School.
  26. Still single? And Tinder didn’t work? Might as well spend all day playing the one-stringed melody, so to speak. Auditioning your hand puppet? Aiding and abetting a known felon? If you don’t get it by now I can’t help you.
  27. Eat a giant pork knuckle and get drunk on Hefeweizen at the German Club in Woolloongabba. 
  28. Watch Netflix until it thinks you’ve fallen asleep.
  29. Browse through your royal scrapbook and polish your souvenir spoon collection.
  30. Dance a jig at one of Brisbane’s new live music venues. (Note: Don’t actually dance a jig. Just act normal.)
  31. Embrace your inner Karl Kruszelnicki and have fun with the hands-on sciencey stuff at the Sciencentre.
  32. Eat, drink and watch comedy or live music at the Powerhouse.
  33. Complain about how it rains all the time in Brisbane. Insist it never used to rain this much. Blame global warming. Blame Tony Abbott, Rupert Murdoch and George W. Bush. Call up any Baby Boomer you know and tell them they ruined your life, and you’re children’s future.
  34. Sneak away to one of Brisbane’s hidden bars.
  35. Be entertained. Be very entertained at one of QPAC’s shows.
  36. Troll your housemate/partner by asking them to do chores/tasks which they have already started doing. 
  37. Watch Rugby League on TV.
  38. Put on your most 1980s-stylin’ sports gear, including headband, and go to play squash at the Stafford Squash Club.
  39. Eat a hearty roast meal at Alfred and Constance.
  40. Cook your own magnificent roast pork meal at home and invite a few pals around to give their verdicts.
  41. Read Moby Dick.
  42. Warm the cockles of your heart with some genuinely spicy Mexican food at Los Villanos at the Barracks.
  43. Go ten pin bowling at Strike in the city. But bowl with two hands like Jason Belmonte.
  44. Write a Two Broke Girls-style sitcom set in a chemicals plant in 1970’s Communist Berlin.
  45. Drink sarsaparilla spiders, listen to Sublime and read magazines.
  46. Sit down and hand write letters to your friends about what you’ve been up to lately, then post them (you’ll need to buy something called ‘stamps’). It will confuse the crap out of them.
  47. Buy all the stuff you need to make martinis then practice them at home until you get it just right or black out. 
  48. Need to burn some energy? Hit up the Sky Zone trampoline park in Macgregor, or BOUNCEinc in Tingalpa.
  49. Snuggle up with a warm pasta at Jamie’s Italian Restaurant in the city.
  50. Climb onto your roof and set off a flare. Wait to see if anyone choppers you out.

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