52 Weeks, 52 Jobs

By Pip Jarvis
23rd Jun 2012

Meet Paul Seymour. Paul is your typical Gen Y dude – he just can't seem to hold down a job. There'll be no gold watch ceremony for him; since November, he's had over 25 jobs.

But before you write him off as a no-hoper and a gadabout, perhaps you should hear him out. For it appears this personable Queensland chap is a young man on a mission, and it's not all about self-indulgence...

You see, Paul is the first Australian participant of The One Week Job Project and his flightiness is for a good cause, namely raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

In a nutshell, the Project involves Paul trying his hand at a diverse series of one-week jobs, with all his wages being donated to his chosen charity. 52 weeks, 52 jobs. The aim is discovering his true passion, rather than stickin' it to the man. 

So how did this regular Joe and Redcliffe resident become involved in such a cool project?

P: Throughout my travels overseas after school, I made a lot of great friends. However, I noticed some major changes in a particular friend of mine I'd met in Canada. I asked him what had brought about this change in him and he told me about a book called The One-Week Job Project by a young Canadian guy called Sean Aiken.

So I bought it and read it and it kinda blew my mind.

I decided to take on the Project for myself after I found myself once again working for a pay cheque, and in a job which was eating away at me. I had no passion for the job I was in. This really began to show outside of work also - I was floating by in life... I wasn't really even living.

I was inspired by Sean and his journey and got in touch about being the first Aussie One Weeker. He gave me the green light and... Here we are.

With SEEK onboard as a sponsor, Paul's tried his hand at everything from basketball coaching to teaching, lawn mowing, journalism, hairdressing, farming, social work and ­­– a favourite – helping out at Richmond FC.

Another choice gig has been as a toy and game demonstrator. Dream job alert!

So, how did he choose his charity?

P: For me, choosing Big Brothers Big Sisters as the charity was a no-brainer. I had been in the process of becoming a Big (volunteer mentor) before I'd even started the project.

But then, starting the project I knew I wouldn't be able to commit myself to being there for my Little 100%. I still knew I wanted to help out in some way though, so this seemed like the perfect way for me to do that.

At the end of this year I hope to finish my application to become a Big and be a true role model for my Little. I think by doing the project and being able to discover my passion, this will also make me better equipped as a Big myself.

And, while he's not so keen on job offers involving arachnids or blood (spider vets, stop calling!), Paul will put up his hand for just about anything. So, drop him a line at [email protected] or hit him up via the One Week Job Project Website or Facebook.

Paul's Urban List

Favourite coffee spot?
I'm not an expert when it comes to coffee. But, what I am an expert on is hot chocolate. The place I would recommend is Denim Co (Little Stanley Street, South Bank).
(TUL Team Note: We second this opinion! Real chocolate chunks served in a latte glass, with steamed milk for you to pour just the right ratio of dairy goodness.)

Favourite drinking hole?
The Music Kafe in West End. Live music, cheap meals, pool tables and friendly staff and owners.

Favorite restaurant?
A toss up between Red Lantern Vietnamese on Duncan Street (Chinatown) in Fortitude Valley and, once again, The Music Kafe in West End. 

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