7 Westside Brunches to Try This Weekend

By Catherine Blake
14th Apr 2016

best brunches brisbane

The tussle for brunching supremacy forms the basis of the battle between Brisbane’s North and South. Long has the conflict raged, and long has it monopolised our 11am repasts of mimosas and late bircher. Well this weekend we’re doing something a bit different. As part of the never ending hunt for bruncheon we’re broaching the new frontier and casting our nets into Brisbane’s western sprawl. Like, deep west. Voice-of-his-generation West.

It’s a daunting task but we ain’t a quakin’, bunch of outlaws that we are. Buckle up fools, here’s the best brunches on Brisbane’s westside:  

The Lodge

The Gap

A regular weekend morning requires a delicate routine of rousing before anyone is fully awake so coffee at brunch is pretty darn important. The Lodge is totally across it, but they’re not so keen on empty bellies. The Turkish eggs or the pumpkin bruschetta has started enough stampedes that The Lodge had to hire their own riot mitigation squad.

Seven Stones


Ideal for those morning afters when you’re violently fanging for a criminally satisfying feed. What could be more western than waking up late and eating out of a skillet? Seven Stones’ shakshuka is its own next level of bruncheon feastery that will keep you lounging around slurping lattes until high noon.

The Single Guys


The renegade chaps of yonder K’more are best known for their coffee game, but don’t go doubting the power of their foodstuffs. I had a Portobello mushroom burger from The Single Guys once and it changed my voting preferences.

Goodness Gracious


The actual historical namesake of ‘gracious and chill’, Goodness Gracious is where punters come to brunch themselves stupid. The chocolate waffles with catalana cream, candied orange and Persian fairy floss are well worth a tip of the ‘ole Stetson.

Wild Canary


Way beyond the view of city lights lies a verdant oasis we stumbled upon once upon a time in the west. Late-rising forager’s get their freak on with Wild Canary’s hefty Garderner’s Breakfast of ham, fresh figs, debreciner sausage, mushrooms, haloumi and poached eggs. 

Shouk Café


Shouk Cafe plays host to a highly tantalising and irregular all-day menu featuring life-changing creations such as Reuben eggs, strawberry and pepper berry waffles, and asparagus and peas with Baghdad butter. Shibby…

Bare Bones Society


Yes, this is what I’m talking about. Bare Bones Society couldn’t get more western than if they fitted some swinging doors and started calling themselves ‘brigands’. The bruncheon situation errs on the rough side of hectic and we can’t get enough of the scorched heirlooms on rosemary and garlic flatbread with whipped garlic, baba ganoush and goats cheese. 

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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