8 New Brisbane Breakfasts You Haven’t Tried Yet

By Sophia McMeekin
16th Oct 2015

Brisbane's Best Breakfasts

Fuel  & Co | Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

The eternal hunt for Brisbane’s best breakfasts kicks on, with a spate of new cafes opening up shop, each peddling a brekky better than the last. From Wavell Heights to Annerley, we’ve got every Brisbane breakfast fan covered with our picks of the best new breakfasts in town.

Let Minnow


The breakfast charcuterie board from brand new Brisbane café, Let Minnow is a winner for indecisive eaters. This new Brisbane breakfast joint loves a nautical-pun—their big breakfast is called the Holy Ship! and includes enough food to sink a, er, ship.

Little Clive


New Brisbane café, Little Clive has the kind of simple and well-turned out breakfast menu that makes for life-long customers. Our pick is the smoked salmon with beetroot cream, poached eggs, pickled onions, and herbs on Turkish.

Fuel & Co


Blame it on the approach of Halloween, but we’re feeling everything pumpkin flavoured right now. Fuel & Co’s caramelized pumpkin hotcakes with chia, mascarpone, maple, and roasted nuts is a rich Brisbane breakfast you must check out before the crowds wise up and beat you to it.

Morning After

West End

We have so much respect for a Brisbane breakfast joint that takes on Ronald’s finest and comes out on top. The MaMuffin from new Brisbane café, Morning After, is stuffed with sausage, egg, American cheese, relish, and a hash brown, and quite perfect for soaking up last night’s indiscretions.

The Tuckshop


There’s more decadent breakfast nosh than you can poke a stick at new Brisbane café, The Tuckshop. How does a creamed mushroom brioche bun with truffle salt sound? Or Canadian pancakes with bananas, dates, and maple syrup butter. Suckers that we are for a good toast option, The Tuckshop’s grilling Crust & Co bread (best), and have a very tempting sounding caramelised cinnamon toast on the menu.

London Fields

West End

Not your average Brisbane breakfast joint, excellent new pub, London Fields is shaking up your AM, with epic brekky dishes like the creamed corn and lamb dripping on sourdough, liquorice bread with coffee butter and pedro figs, and sweet rice pudding.

Café Noma

Wavell Heights

New Brisbane breakfast joint, Café Noma is dishing up some dishes to kick your day off. Their adorably named big breakfast, the Noma Food Coma, is a hefty breakfast option that we’d happily sink our fork into any old weekend.

Gaslight Bistro

New Farm

Breakfast at newbie, Gaslight Bistro is a right swanky affair. The brunch menu—which runs all day on weekends—avoids breakfast clichés like eggs and bacon in favour of more refined breakfast nosh. Think hot smoked salmon on pumpernickel with a slow-poached egg, caviar, and sorrel, and roasted carrots with hazelnut dukka, pig’s jowl, and flatbread. La di da!

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