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8 New Openings We’re Excited For This June

By Catherine Blake
5th Jun 2017


June can be a tough month for the fervent gourmand, and even with ALL the new openings in Brisbane popping up, winter’s snappy approach is enough to send us heliophiles scurrying homeward in pursuit of Netflix and a set of flannel jammies. Fight the urge! UberEats may conveniently let you hunker ‘neath your doona until September, but think of all the fun you could be missing out on.

For 8 of the best arguments for braving the breeze, here are our picks of new openings in Brisbane this June.

King Tea


From the minds behind Remy’s comes a new venture just a couple doors down; enter King Tea. This smart-casual wine and tapas bar pairs perfectly with a group of mates at the end of a long week. This is definitely a community spot (the name King Tea pays homage to the building’s history providing King Tea tea and tobacco to the good folk of Paddington) and jams nicely with the locals’ taste for share plates and authentic Spanish cuisine. Make sure you come by during pintxos hour for some Basque snacks.

Savile Row

Fortitude Valley

The dandy little sister of West End whisky bar Cobbler, Savile Row is making her nocturnal debut this June and the sippers are primed. She harks to a bygone era of drinking, normally only accessed through period BBC dramas, touting finely crafted cocktails and service with a personal touch. Replete with booths and lounges to laze upon, Savile Row provides the perfect escape for antsy hoofers beneath the glitter of a 48-bulb chandelier. 


King Street

Hot on the heels of Super Combo’s raging success, Michael Nham and Hao Vu are poised to embark on a brand new venture this June. But why waste time travelling to a completely different suburb? Or street, for that matter? Taking over the plot next door, the duo’s expansion will bring some of Melbourne’s best home-style Vietnamese nosh to King Street in Banoi. Expect four types of spring rolls, six kinds of banh mi and good times abundant.

Mr Chester Wine Bar

Fortitude Valley

This newest wine bar isn’t suffering through any kind of identity crisis; Mr Chester knows what he does and how to do it well with no effort wasted on extraneous gimmicks, just what’s on the label. The pared back approach champions fine food and fine wine in glorious symphony; everything on the menu is designed to be paired. As for the drinks list, Mr Chester’s wine cellar is an exclusive feature of boutique bottles from small producers and a showcase of Australian winemaking.

Jack Rabbits


Nestled in the most unassuming nook of Woolloongabba’s premier dining precinct isn’t where you’d expect to find the next big thing in whisky lounges, and yet that is where you’ll find Jack Rabbits. A most confusing (yet utterly seducing) bar-within-a-bar, Jack Rabbits lives upstairs from new bistro Electric Avenue. Getting there is half the fun as access is via the back of a wardrobe at the top of the internal staircase. It’s not exactly Narnia, but with a comprehensive collection of international whiskies and a speakeasy fit-out, it comes pretty close.

Happy Boy

Fortitude Valley

Boy oh boy are we glad this is happening. Swift and succulent, punchy and piquant, Happy Boy’s table-bending feasts winkled out a place in our hearts way back when they first opened in 2014, and now, the Votan brothers are bringing the party to Fortitude Valley. Expect the same regional Chinese cuisine, but with a few more quick bites to keep up with the late-night party crowd’s snacking habits.

Keep an eye out for these sick beats poised to drop VERY SOON

Chester Street Bakery


With footholds already in Newstead and Southbank, a CBD instalment of the cake temple known as Chester Street was inevitable. The site is still under construction, but once open this latest branch will provide Chester Street’s famous confectionery splendour to the city-going masses. We’re thrilled because it’s going to make office birthdays a snap.

Manhattan Line


Another expansion we’re uncontrollably tickled about is Manhattan Line. Taking aim at a plot on Oxford Street, this second prong of the Southbank favourite will be delivering the same jazzed-up hot dogs, buffalo wings, and Yankee-doodle goodtimes you can handle. How does poutine, cheese fries and a double-serve of jalapeño poppers sound? Sounds like heaven, and it’s heading for Bulimba.

For even more newness in Brisbane, check out The Directory—it's chock full of gems.

Jack Rabbits | Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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