8 New Openings You Need To Know About In Brisbane

By Catherine Blake
18th May 2016

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The everchanging foodscape of our golden city is getting yet another shake up. A staggering collection of feastables is coming your way with influences from Scandinavia, the US, provincial China, Naples, the ocean, a cow called Betsy and a galaxy far, far away. If your friends hit you up for the cool places to go and you’ve garnered a rep as the first on the scene, make sure you do the rounds of Brisbane’s latest openings:

St. James Crabhouse & Kitchen | Kangaroo Point

We couldn’t believe that our state had never had an authentic and dedicated crabhouse before now. St. James Crabhouse & Kitchen is making history with a smorg of crustaceous fancies, deep-sea delicacies and more exoskeletons than you can shake a stick at. Second stomachs come in handy for the landdwelling rib/burger classics, or just another round of bivalves. Whatever you want! The world’s your oyster, and St James is here to shuck things up.

Nickel Kitchen & Bar | Fortitude Valley

The creators of Nantucket and NKB Express are proud to present this third limb of honest, hearty feeds *cue thunderous applause*. Offering feast of classics, Nickel Kitchen & Bar harks back to the bygone era of languid lunching and circular booths. Kick back, have another bottle of Riesling while you mull over the dessert list. Time stops in this scintillating kitchen and bar, the ultimate destination of your next long lunch.

Lokal + Co. | West End

This new West Ender is breaking out the Nordic breakfast vibes just in time for winter. Nooked away on O’Connell Street, Lokal + Co. is a glittering example of minimalism and a triumph of Swedish design. Get local with the zesty-fresh produce, get cosy with the open sardine sandwich, and go full Hansel with some gingerbread waffles. Just don’t get it confused with Loki + Co. or you’ll just wind up getting into mischief.

Fromage The Cow | Milton

I don’t mean to incite any widespread hysteria, but Brisbane’s getting a licensed fromagerie: Fromage The Cow. I know! Our two favourite food groups meet again, only this time the combined forced of lactose and liquor have leapt from the board and into a three-pronged manifeastation. There promises a restaurant (main ingredient: cheese), a cheese room (ie. a cheesy chest of wonders), and a takeaway window where commuters can pick up a cheese toastie and a coffee without breaking stride. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING.

Death Star Canteen | CBD

You’re excited, we’re excited, Eddie Izzard’s flipping his lid (probs), the Death Star Canteen world first is nearly here (praise Palpatine!). The gracious endeavour of the head of catering, Mr Stevens, promises the city’s best sandwich and choke holds for anyone who says otherwise. I, for one, am positively FANGING for some penne alle arrabbiatta, the cornerstone of any dark lord’s diet and a testament to the Tarkin Doctrine.

Blockhouse Eat + Drink | Nundah

Tired of having to choose between breakfast food and sleeping in? NO MORE. Have your avo on toast and eat it too because Blockhouse Eat + Drink serves breakfast until 2.30 in the PM. Hectic, what? It’s got the neighbourhood vibe and sense of community service that Nundah is becoming known for, brewing specialty coffee by day and moonlighting as a baby bar. Like, seriously what more could you want?

Sichuan Bang Bang | Paddington

Majestical Chinese dinners are just one reason to visit Paddington’s latest and tastiest joint. Factor in the weekend Yum Cha and adjoining pizzeria and Sichuan Bang Bang is suddenly a package deal of dreams and happiness. Every dish is expertly crafted to carry on the culinary legacy of the Sichuan province, which means guaranteed authenticity in every bite. Don’t forget, Bang Bang is but one half of the bi-continental operation that made Kenmore the hip place to be...

Pizzeria Violetta | Paddington

…and the other half, Pizzeria Violetta, has come to Paddington too. As with the Kenmore venue, Paddington’s latest pizza connection will be serving some of Brisbane’s best slices as well as the classic antipasti and some cheeky new pasta dishes. Breakfast fiends and coffee hounds need not worry, Violetta will be serving breakfast and espresso from Locale on the weekends, and there’s even plans for a gelato bar out the back.

Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

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