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8 of The Best Under-Eye Concealers

By Sophia McMeekin
18th Jun 2015

It’s hard to remember a time when we weren’t addicted to under-eye concealer. Hungover? Need it. Tired. Gotta have it. Bags the size of Brazil? Get it on my face.

A magic eraser of all our sins and gins, glossing over our indiscretions—who knew a little tube of flesh coloured goop could bring so much joy.

But finding the holy grail of under-eye concealers is no walk in the park. Do you want to brighten, hide bags, minimise panda eyes, or do all three? The right concealer can take you to fresh-faced nirvana; the wrong to cakey, flakey, line-settling hell.

But before we take you through 8 of our fave under-eye concealers, let’s address the YSL elephant in the room: Le Touché Eclat is a face brightening wunderkind, and we all know it. Purists will tell you it’s not technically a concealer, but a face ‘brightener’, but purists are boring. For the sake of mixing things up, we’re counting down eight of the best under eye concealers you probably haven’t tried yet, so have left old YSL off the list. But if you’re feeling tired you should get you some because it’s a classic for a reason.

Without further ado, here are 8 of the best under-eye concealers:


#1 The Touché Eclat Dupe

With similar packaging to cult fave, Touché Eclat, and a comparable brightening effect, Chantecaille’s new under-eye concealer is a winner for awake-looking peepers.

Chantecaille Le Camouflage Stylo at Mecca Cosmetica and online, $59

#2 The Cult Favourite

Models, make-up artists, and loads of other people who know better than we do rave about this cult concealer, and they’re not talking trash—it’s the goods. Super creamy, with coverage for miles, and all-day staying power, Clé De Peau Beauté is worth the hype, and the dollies.

Clé De Peau Beauté Concealer, available online, $128.

#3 The Never-Fails Fall Back

Great for dark circles and long-wear coverage, this formula, which allows you to mix your own unique shade, is both a blessing and a curse. Bless: you’re creating a custom shade that’s perfect for you. Yippee! Curse: some find it tough to get the colour mix right, and applying straight out of the pan is tricky. Our tip: try mixing the colour on the back of your hand before applying, and always moisturise first! Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage has many-a loyal fan, and once you get a handle on application you’ll be a devotee too.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, available online, $34

#4 The Everyday Cover Up

During your run-of-the-mill day, you need an under-eye concealer you can reach for and know will deliver the goods without any work on your part. This silver bullet by Ellis Faas lends a comforting medium coverage—it’s not the brightest concealer on the shelf, but it does offer a creamy, satin finish and is easily blended with your digits.

Elis Faas Concealer at Mecca Cosmetica and online, $49

#5 The Organic Brightening Balm

This little pot of wonders magically brightens your skin with a balm-like formula that glides on and blends like a dream. Great for yellow-based skin colours, the glow is strong but the coverage isn’t ideal for dark circles. With a coconut oil base, this product is ideal for dry skin, but does need to warm up on the skin before spreading evenly, especially in colder months. A little of this goes a long way, so go easy.

RMS 'Un' Cover Up at Mecca Cosmetica and online, $48

#6 The All-Day Trooper

Creamy, full-coverage, this little trooper of a concealer sticks around all day and has a nice, second-skin finish.

Stila Stay All Day Concealer at Mecca Cosmetica and online, $65.

#7 The Panda-Eyes Fighter

Holy peachy pot of goodness, Benefit’s Erase Paste is all about coverage and has a thick, peachy texture perfect for disguising dark circles. Too thick for every-day use, it’s a great under-eye concealer to have in your stash in panda emergencies. 

Benefit Erase Paste, available online, $47.

#8 The Bags Corrector

If you’re suffering from baggage, you should steer clear of concealers with a brightening effect; highlighting your bags is like standing on the street corner and screaming "I DIDN’T GET MUCH SLEEP LAST NIGHT". Instead, choose a shade that’s the same colour as the rest of your face to blend those suckers in. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer is, as the name suggest, longwearing, and also ideal for colour matching your face, minimising bags, with a soft matte finish. The pros suggest pumping the product with your thumb, not your pointer finger—you can control the product flow and reduce wastage. 

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer at MAC stores and online, $32.

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