9 Things To Do In Brisbane Now It’s Hot AF

By Anna Jefferis
7th Nov 2016

Things to do Brisbane

If there's one thing Brisbane knows how to do, it's turn up the heat. And as if overnight, it's that time of year again where your legs stick to plastic chairs and your steering wheel is too hot to touch.

If you’re already feeling the (literal) burn, and wearing anything but a linen moo moo makes you break out in a sweat, we've put a list together that's (possibly) likely to keep you cool during those scorching summer days ahead.

1. Head to Southbank beach early and rub shoulders with every other sweaty, sunscreen-covered person in the city.

2. Eat every single flavour of Zooper Dooper until you feel so sick that being hot doesn't matter anymore.

3. Finally take the plunge and download a Netfilx subrscription so you can hibernate in your aircon until March.

4. Take a dip in the Brisbane river. Just watch out for bullsharks...

5. Roadtrip to Cedar Creek and conquer your fear of heights by jumping off one of the cliffs into the gorgeous ice cold water.

6. Take a picnic blanket to Newfarm park and enjoy the river breeze while you stuff your face with fresh mangoes.

7. Head to Eleven Rooftop Bar in Fortitude Valley for an ice cold drink and to catch a breeze; once you're drunk enough you'll forget how hot you are...probably.

8. Become an Uber driver so that you can spend every day inside your air-conditioned car. 

9. Fall asleep next to the Centenary Pool and spend the rest of the summer trying to fix your tan lines.

Rooftop bars are THE place to be this summer. Find the best in Brisbane here.

Image credit: Pixaby

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