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9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Brisbane

By Rachel Lay
15th Jun 2016

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Brisbane feels like such a small town that at times you get the feeling you’ve been there, done that to every possible activity on offer. We get it, we’ve been there too. That’s why we’ve whipped up this nifty little guide to things you probably didn’t know you could do in Brisbane.

#1 Try Your Hand At Pottery

There’s just something about pottery that seems so unattainable, I mean, who is actually able to master such a skill? You. That’s who. Taking a pottery class is such a break from the banal, and a chance to add another skill to your list. Try a pottery class at Windmill Pottery in Mt Cotton to wow your mates and expand your crockery collection like a real adult. Boredom = busted.

#2 Go Floating

Floating is something we’ve found ourselves wondering about, until it went and landed in Brisbane. Now we’re just plain obsessed. It’s like a seriously epic nap, except your senses truly get a chance to reset. You’ll leave your float sans stress, with a whole heap of added creativity. It’s like a reset button for life, so obviously you need to try it.

#3 Visit Goodna Cemetery

Goodna Cemetery has a bit of a spooky legend, which you should probably test out, because why not? What’s so spooky? Visitors are said to leave with inexplicable scratches and bruises on their bodies, for a start. The stories of visitors being held captive overnight and cars not starting are also a thing, which is terrifying. But the worst part, which is totally intriguing, is that ghost hunters have carried out a test in the cemetery and the results were straight up effed. They dusted their car in flour before driving through the cemetery which was later examined to reveal hundreds of hand prints and scratch marks. Yikes. Scared is better than bored though, right?

#4 Hang With Baby Sharks

College’s Crossing, at the start of the Brisbane River, is home to a whole heap of adorable baby bull sharks. Sharks head up the river to breed and this super shallow swimming spot makes for great shark spotting, and fishing. Obviously, exercise caution but a day out a College’s Crossing with a picnic really can’t be beaten.

#5 Chill With Cats At A Cat Café

No, Cat Cafes aren’t just a Japanese thing. Yes, there’s one in Brisbane. Lucky Cat Café in Annerley has given rescue cats a home and you a hot cup of coffee and epic day out cuddling with adorable kitties. Make sure you make a booking though, because these guys are popular.

#6 Cuddle A Koala

If you weren’t already aware, you can cuddle up with Koala’s in Brisbane. Yep, even Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj have done it. Head down to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary for some quality alone time with these adorable native cuddlies. You can also kick-back with kangaroos and wallabies. And emus, wombats and birds. Amazing.

#7 Get Down With Hip Hop Yoga

So, since it’s 2016, hip hop yoga is totally a thing. I know, it sounds counter intuitive given yoga is meant to be all chill and stuff. But trust us, hip hop yoga at Yo! Yoga is fun AND relaxing. It gets rid of your stress, your tensions and puts you in one hell of a good mood. Obviously, the sound track is very, very Drake centric.

#8 Learn To Cook!

If you’re an adult but you don’t know how to cook, you should probs stop calling yourself an adult. Just saying. But, Brisbane totally has a bunch of epic cooking school programs on offer to bring you into adulthood one perfect hollandaise at a time. If you’re already across this whole cooking thing, you can probably learn a thing or too anyway about a cuisine you aren’t so familiar with. Win-win, right?

#9 Get Drunk and Paint

Getting drunk while painting is such an awesome way to spend a day we don’t know why we didn’t think of sooner. Some clever cookies over at Cork & Chroma thought of though and are ready and waiting for you and your crew to rock up and have an epic time painting and drinking. Because honestly, is there anything better? Nope. Not really. 

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Image credit: Eskypaper

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