9/10 for Pablo Breakfast on Brunswick

By Susannah George
7th Jun 2012

When you work at The Urban List, there's a certain pressure to try something or somewhere different every time you…
-    eat breakfast
-    do lunch
-    grab a coffee
-    make plans for dinner
-    go for a drink solo
-    or preferably, go for a drink with friends.

As a New Farm resident, I'm still working my way around the suburb's ample breakfast fare. The latest mission was down to Pablo on Brunswick and Merthyr in Fortitude Valley – a few doors down from the 7/11, looking out onto Mitre 10. And may I say, I'd give this place an 8 or 9: a breakfast that's certainly among Brisbane's best.

It may not sound like the most salubrious of locations, but perched at a table street side I got swept up in the energy of the suburb as it prepared for the day – an IV injection of ambition without having to lift a finger to participate.

I sat back and relaxed with my latte while watching fellow New Farmians board the bus to work, and resolved to exercise vicariously through the visions in leaner-than-lycra that darted before my under-caffeinated eyes.

The Pablo menu is entirely refreshing. (NOTE: If one more person says "it's so Melbourne" I think I'll scream.) With not a poached egg in sight, they offer deliciously novel concoctions like smashed peas, zucchini and mint lavished over ricotta-spread sourdough; avocado on ciabatta improved only by haloumi and tomato salsa (plus crispy fried speck if you smile particularly charmingly); and the world's most delicious button mushrooms alongside an omelette stuffed with chevre and dill.

The coffee is good and arrives promptly, and the service is spot on – a big plus when it comes to my morning demeanour, je t'assure.

As for seating arrangements, the back room is a touch warm, though I can only imagine that will be a blessing within a week or two. But if you're up for the buzz of the passing traffic and refreshingly cool nose and hands, make a bee line for the teeny side verandah with its bar stools – my pick for the premium Pablo perch.

Where: Pablo is perched at 893 Brunswick Street in Fortitude Valley, just beyond the intersection with Merthyr Road
Contact: 07 3254 4900

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