A Gen Y Guide To Abbreviations

By Rachel Lay
3rd Oct 2016


Gen Y has built up quite the reputation—we’ve killed the music industry (byyeeee CDs), we’ve ruined relationships and taken social interaction online but, most importantly we’ve killed the English language. At least, allegedly. If you ask us, we made it better—quicker, more efficient and a whole lot more fun. Plus, no one knows what the eff we’re talking about so we can pretty much speak in code. Until now. Here’s our guide to Gen Y’s abbreviations.

TTYL: Talk to you later.

TY: Thank You

Belfie: A butt selfie. Thanks Kim.

Bae: Before anyone else #ModernDayShakespeare

Bomb: the best ever. Example: that burger was bomb!

.Com: the very best ever. Example: that burger was bomb.com

ICYMI: In case you missed it

AF: As fuck

FOMO: Fear of missing out

IDK: I don’t know

Throw / Give Shade: To talk shit on someone, to their face.

To serve: To serve up an iconic look. Example: I’m serving Paris Hilton 2001 in my Juicy tracksuit while buying Cheese Twisties hungover at Coles on a Sunday morning.

SMH: Shaking my head. Often used in response to people questioning acronyms.

Salty: Being bitter AF

Thirsty: Being super DTF

DTF: Look it up (NSFW)

On fleek: When you look 11/10. But please don’t say this anymore.

BTW: By the way, duh.

EG: Evil grin. Does anyone really say this, though?

HAND: Have a nice day. Again, who says this?

IMHO: In my humble opinion. Important to use this when throwing shade.

SFETE: Smiling from ear to ear. Let’s make this saying happen, guys.

You obviously feel a lot smarter after reading this, so now all you need to do is go forth and impress people with your new (very cool and hip) vocab.

Image credit: Gabby Stjernqvist

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