This Apocalyptic Mutant Burger Hits Brisbane Today!

By Rachel Lay - 27 Sep 2016

ribs & burgers

In celebration of Mutant Day (yep, that's a thing) a seriously scary looking burger is hitting Brisbane today. Introducing the (you guessed it) Mutant Burger. But what is it? Well, there's triple chilli, chicken, blue cheese and electric blue bun. It's rumoured this burger can survive the apocolypse. 

Inspired by the release of X-Men Apocolypse on DVD and Blu Ray (der), and starting tomorrow, you can grab this very Instagram-able burger from Ribs & Burgers, or, if you're feeling lazy (who isn't?) Deliveroo will be delivering these puppies right to your door. As with all things great, the Mutant Burger is limited edition, so get in quick before this freaky burger becomes extinct. 

Image credit: Ribs & Burgers

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