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Another Huge Succulent And Cactus Sale Is Hitting Brisbane!

By Rachel Lay
18th Jan 2017

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You know that cute lil' thing you do, how you kill each and every plant you've ever owned? Yup, us too—adorable, honestly. That's why we're pretty excited that another succulent and cactus sale has popped up dishing out our favourite hardy (yet stylish) plants. Mostly because the plants we bought last time are already dead, but also because we've developed an addiction to them.  

After the success of the last sale, the legends behind the event have vowed to come back bigger and better than before with a beefed up arsenal of plants ready to find new homes. The succulovers throwing this plant party know their stuff and are bringing out all their rarest, most colourful and undoubtedly hard to pronounce varieties—cotyledons and pachyphytums anyone? Pick some petite pots for your kitchen and bedroom or choose your own arrangement for that perfect little spot on your patio.

Editor's Note: If you want the prettiness of plants in your life but the thought of having to look after another living thing makes you (as old mate Richie used to say, remember him?) sweat bullets, then fear not petals, we have the ultimate guide to looking after your new green baby right here.

The Details

When: February 12th, 8-11am
Where: Brassall State Primary School
Need more info? Check out the event

Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

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