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Astounding Australian Art

By Nadia Buick
8th Jun 2012

The folks at the UQ Art Museum know it's a bit of an effort for you to visit them at their St Lucia abode. So, as a reward, they consistently pull out all the stops and produce fantastic exhibitions, time after time. If you haven't been before, their latest offering, Animal/Human, will make a loyal fan of you. The exhibition explores our complex relationship with animals and presents a remarkable range of work by some of the country's best contemporary artists.

Pen in hand, I started making my way through the exhibition. When I came across an artist whose work I loved, I'd stand for a while in awe, then scribble their name down. Very quickly I realised that if I kept it up I'd have a list of almost every artist in the show. This is not surprising given the stellar line-up that includes Adam Cullen, Fiona Hall, Jenny Watson and Michael Zavros (whose spectacular work is the exhibition's hero image). 

The exhibition strikes a perfect balance – just the right amount of work to leave you feeling completely satisfied, minus the sensation of utter exhaustion that can accompany some shows. Not only that, there are a couple of works that I guarantee will absolutely floor you. Animal/Human is a ringing endorsement for the quality of art currently being produced in Australia.

If you are interested in Australian Art, you also won't want to miss the chance to get up close and personal with one of this country's greatest art dynasties, the Boyds. The Red Hill Art Gallery is currently featuring the work of Jamie Boyd, alongside a selection of work representing five generations of the Boyd family. Included in the show are never-before-seen paintings by Arthur Boyd from Jamie's personal collection. This is a rare treat indeed, with the opportunity to purchase works. But get in quick, because the show finishes soon.

Exhibition details:


When: Until July 22 

Where: The University of Queensland Art Museum | University Drive in St Lucia

Jamie Boyd

When: Until June 17

Where: Red Hill Art Gallery | 61 Musgrave Rd in Red Hill 

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