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Beauty Products You Can Share With Your Boyfriend

By Phoebe Hurst
20th Feb 2014

Long gone are the days when men's grooming involved mouthwash and a quick splash of aftershave. Maybe it's the advent of the meterosexual male (or just better moisturiser) but nowadays, we're willing to bet that your boyfriend knows more about hydration serums than break hydraulics.   

Because we're all about equality between the sexes (and giving our guys gentle hints to sort out that dandruff/facial hair/cologne), we've come up with a list of beauty products you can share with the man or woman in your life. No more bathroom barneys over who used the last of the exfoliator, just one buffed up couple with a much reduced beauty bill. Remember, sharing is caring, and the couple that shaves together stays together (not really, we just made that last bit up).    

HIS: Shaving Gear

We've all had an emergency stubble situation and been forced to borrow the BF's razor, but have you noticed that they're actually way better than our disposable pink versions? For super smooth legs, try borrowing from the boys and nicking his razor, then lather up with a slick of Olieve Olie Shave Gel. He'll be just as happy smearing the aromatic blend of Spanish lavender, sage and lime on his chin too. 

HER: Moisturising Sunscreen 

When it comes to sunscreen, we're all in the same boat: no one should be 'man' enough to brave UV rays without proper protection (and if he tries it, just show him a picture of Donatella Versace). Treat yourself and tempt your BF away from cheap, pore-clogging sunscreen with a lightweight lotion like Aesop's Sage and Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream, with SPF 15. This silky cream soaks easily into skin and offers anti-oxidant protection and Vitamin E, leaving your face grease free and ready to face the big wide world.

HIS: Unisex Perfume 

For him, it's a refreshing switch from heavy cologne; for you, it's an antidote to the overwhelmingly sugary scents that seem to dominate the women's fragrance aisle (Britney, we're looking at you). Unisex perfume is an all round problem solver. The woodsy, citrus notes in Kiehl's Forest Rain give it a distinctly masculine edge while the underlying musk lends a natural sexiness to the female wearer.  

HER: Shampoo

Why did we never think of sharing shampoo before? For one thing, it clears up a whole lot of space in the bathroom (hello, relaxing bubble baths minus the avalanche of empty Herbal Essences bottles!) but more importantly, it means we can be sure our BF will always have great smelling locks. Essentially it's the mother of all unisex beauty products. Grown Alchemist Shampoo has a gentle, boy-friendly fragrance and will leave both your tresses shiny and supple without drying anyone's scalp. 

HER: Lip Balm 

No one wants to kiss a guy with cracked lips. Fact. So, tell your guy to stash the Suvana Paw Paw & Honey Organic Lip Balm in his man bag and start applying some on that pout of his. The honey sweetness will make him even more kissable. 

Image Credit: Albelli Fotolibros

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