All The Best Nutella Dishes To Devour This World Nutella Day

By Catherine Blake
5th Feb 2018


Arriving just over a month after we all committed to our new year’s resolutions, today is World Nutella Day; the ultimate test of your conviction. Unless you resolved to eat more Nutella, the hardest and most steely constitutions are known to buckle in the face of Nutella draped desserts. Given the almost magnetic attraction we have to the chocolate-hazelnut spread, we recommend saving up your cheat days for a blowout because Brisbane has some special beauties in store.

I mean, you could always fall back on the time-honoured ritual of eating an entire jar with a spoon, but where’s the ceremony in that? This year we encourage each and every one of you to get out there and sample the latest decadence able to be exchanged for legal tender.

Don’t forget, this special day is about spreading the love so this list is all about breaking your resolutions. Expect lots of doughnuts and ridiculous indulgences designed to floor you. Proceed with caution:

  1. Salt Meats Cheese’s Nutella calzone from their special Nutella menu
  2. Come by Nitrogenie where every ice cream will come with a teeny tiny ice cream cone of Nutella (we reckon it goes well with vanilla milk and Milo)
  3. Tella Balls Dessert Bar has made their name in Nutella goodness, but check out their Nutella slurpee for something entirely new this WND.
  4. Hot cinnamon doughnuts with Nutella from Neighbourhood Pizza.
  5. Chocolate Komberry Co.’s Nutella egg waffle cone, complete with Hershey’s, pocky sticks and a syringe of choc-hazelnut loveliness.
  6. Doughnut Time’s ‘Tella She’s Dreaming’ doughnut, jam-packed with Nutella, glazed in chocolate and decorated with a Nutella brownie AND a mini jar of Nutella.
  7. Crispy Puff Donuts’ Nutella loukoumades. 
  8. Anything off Cowch’s Nutella menu (especially the Nutella waffle sandwich).
  9. Shake things with a Nutella cheesecake doughnut from The Doughnut Bar.
  10. Harajuku Gyoza’s Nutella gyoza.
  11. Shake thing up with a Nutella milkshake at Southside Tea Room.
  12. Nutella crêpes from Les Petit Paris Bakery

Or, if you CBF going out for your Nutella fix, have a crack at making your own deep-fried Nutella burger at home. 

Image credit: John Newcombe for The Urban List

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