Best of The Web This Week

By Sophia McMeekin
21st Nov 2014

Get your weekend brain on with this list of the most click-able links from around the web this week. 

The mystery behind that Kim Kardashion cover shoot explained. It was her real ass, sort of.

Gwyneth’s Christmas wish list is a tad on the ridic’ side. It includes a gold juicer. Hope you’ve been behaving yourself, Gwynny.

One for the Cumberbitches. Watch Benedict Cumberbatch do 11 celebrity impressions in one minute! He’s so talented and rumpled.

Watching American’s get into the Thanksgiving spirit is like watching diabetes happen with your bare eyes. Case in point, this candied bacon-wrapped gator, stuffed with pork, stuffed with turducken.

Hot guys VS Food. Pecs or pasta?  Beards or bread? Glutes of gluten?! You must choose.

This is how they actually make KFC. Keep your eyes peeled for secret spices.

Speaking of KFC, here are 27 fast-food themed birthday cakes.

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