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By Sophia McMeekin
21st Jun 2013

The weekend is almost here, Urban Listers! Beacuse we don't want you to spend the day glaring at the clock, keep that cursor busy with our best of the web for the week.  Read on to find out what happens when a croissant and a donut make sweet sugary love…

In case you missed it, we've been going nuts for cro-nuts lately. And it turns out this unbelievably delish' Frankenpastry, which is made from the holy union between a croissant and a donut, has gone global. This story, featured in the New York Times also features a detailed history of every other type of croissant hybrid there is. 

One for the T-Swift fans. Elle counts down Taylor's greatest style moments

Someone's cracked the Dorito spice code. Here's the recipe, so you can Dorito-ify all your snacks. 

It's the final countdown: Kate Middleton's little bundle of royal joy is nearly here. (What do you think the chances are it will have red hair like its massive-babe-of-an-uncle? Quick, someone do a punnett square.)

This minimalist collection of famous eyewear, featuring the famous frames of Morpheus, Lolita, and Django, is surprisingly compelling. 

Need some healthy comfort food ideas? It doesn't come much better than cauliflower mac'n'cheese with walnuts

How's this for a creative take on the chastity belt? These hair stockings mimic the full, lush hair you'd find on a manly-man's legs. Apparently they work wonders scaring off potential perverts. 

Strapped for cash? Check out our list of 50 things you can do with 50 dollars (or less!). 

Very upset to hear that someone has dared manhandle Nigella. We think anyone who can come up with brownies like this deserves to be treated like a queen.

Finally. A man explains the ten (very confusing) ways that men text women. (I mean, come on guys, it's 2013, we all have iPhones. A text message with all the vowels missing just doesn't cut it as an acceptable form of communication anymore. K? Gr8. Thnx. Txt me l8R.)

Hey, nerds. Here's a Game of Thrones quiz.

Because it's never too early to start working on your bikini bod', here are 51 Paleo-friendly snacks. Mm, bacon-wrapped eggs.

Image Credit: pinterest

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