Boardroom Yogis

By Kim Barnard - 25 May 2012

If there's anyone out there who isn't aware of the benefits of yoga by now, I'd like to meet them. There doesn't seem to be much argument about the fact that yoga is good for your body and mind and, with a bunch of styles to choose from, there's a type of yoga to suit everyone these days.

But, with an ever-growing list of commitments, it can be tricky to find the time to lug your mat to a class before or after work – especially when there's shopping, cooking, eating, cleaning, family, friends and reality TV to fit into your day.

Well, no need to despair. I have found a way to enable us all to get our 'Om' on in a way that still leaves plenty of quality Masterchef time. Enter, Boardroom Yogis, Brisbane's newest answer to the eternal work-life balancing act, bringing corporate yoga and meditation to a workplace near you. This cool little business can cater for organised team events or regular classes to be held at your offices; all you need is a quiet, comfortable space large enough to fit your team - they don't call it Boardroom yoga for nothing! 

Boardroom Yogis business owner, Chief Yogi, and all-round cool chick, Helen Spencer, says that more and more businesses are starting to embrace this type of wellness activity for their teams because they recognise their employees are their most important asset. Yoga promotes wellness and can improve concentration and productivity in the workplace, a plus for any business owner.  Add to that some serious team bonding as you Downward Dog your way around the office, and I think we're onto a winner.

The beauty of yoga is that it's available to any age, size, sex, or fitness level. Classes can be adapted for all levels and are suitable for anyone, even absolute beginners. 

Boardroom Yogis can support needs for conferences, retreats, and functions, as well as office classes. For more information on how to get your team involved (or to convince the boss) visit boardroomyogis.com.au


Boardroom Yogis

Email: [email protected]

Phone: Chief Yogi, Helen, on 0412 101 094.

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