Breakfast at The Chelsea Bistro

By Kate McCart
27th Jun 2012

This warm, cosy bistro is like an over-attentive lover, showering you with everything you could possibly want from breakfast… and then some.

Housed in the charming heritage-listed Barracks building, The Chelsea is art deco with a contemporary twist - think weathered leather, brass detailing, rustic mirrored walls and sealed cork tables. In layman's terms, what you've got here is an intimate, oozing-with-charm and would-it-be-okay-if-I-maybe-lived-here-for-a-little-while bistro.

Serving up a delightfully strong (Merlo) brew and some seriously amazing sweet and savoury brekky concoctions, I couldn't get my crab and dill omelette down my throat fast enough. Complemented with horseradish crème fraiche and brioche soldiers, it was rich, creamy and goddamn delicious.

Other menu items I managed to ogle and thought noteworthy included the very la-di-da version of a ham and cheese croissant, which was instead stuffed with very crispy bacon, brie and slow-roasted onions.  To the sugar fiend (who me?), the seriously sweet-looking French toast with poached pear and pistachio dukkah appeared the kind of glorious meal you'd risk a heart attack for. And the homemade crumpets with lumps of raspberry and honeycomb butter also didn't go unnoticed. 

If after this post you decide to make tracks to The Chelsea over the weekend for brekky (RUN don't walk!), we've heard there is often a huge lineup. Our hot tip – grab a coffee and a piping hot muffin from their take-away hole-in-the-wall to tide you over. The building is known for being somewhat of a wind tunnel, so take shelter in a cosy corner while you scavenge over the remnants of your delicious baked good. 

Where: The Barracks | 61 Petrie Terrace in Paddington
Contact: 07 3367 1288

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