Bridal Body Blitz | Get Your Best Bod’ For The Big Day

By Lindsay Kasprowicz
25th Oct 2013

If there's one occasion in a girls' life when you want to look your best, it's your wedding day. Humans seem to work well to a deadline, so what better reason to whip your body into shape than the looming date of your big day?  We here at TUL have done a little recon about town to help you rock that wedding dress with your best figure, ever.

Here are our picks for Brisbane's best spot-fitness fixes for your big day:

Problem Zone: Upper arms

Summer brides take note. That strappy number doesn't hide a thing, even with a layer of fake tan. Head to CrossFit Resolve Newstead to get yourself a set of triceps and biceps that will have you tossing that bouquet into the next suburb.

Problem Zone: Tummy

Put the Spanx away and whittle your mid section down with a little stand-up paddle boarding. The twisting paddle motion will have your waist shaped to perfection for the hourglass look that would make a Victoria's Secret Model turn green. Our pick for the best paddle board teachers have to be the super-friendly gang from Riverlife. Their class caters to any fitness level, and you don't need any experience to hit the river. 

Problem Zone: Butt and Thighs

Want buns of steel? Forget walking. This is a job for the Kangaroo Point Stairs. And lots of them. You may wish to have a friend drive you home afterwards as shaky legs and braking in traffic can be a bad combination.

Problem Zone: Need to drop a dress size all over

Taking a few kilos off can put a spring into anyone's step. Invest in one of Brisbane's best personal trainers (find our list here) for 6-12 months prior to the wedding. Sail through your big day with energy to spare, and have the stamina to dance the night away (among other things).

Problem Zone: Mind

You can't have a beautiful body with a stressed-out headspace. Head to Inna Bliss for a spot of yoga to loosen the tension in all those muscles. Do a bit of affirmation and meditation while you're at it, and turn up at the service a blissed-out bride.

Image Credit: Goodbye Babylon

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