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Brisbane Bars With Epic Cheese Platters

By Joanna Fraser
9th Jul 2015

Image Credti: Ariana Gillrie

Let’s all just admit that cheese is the glue that holds the fabric of the universe together. Melted between two pieces of bread, anchoring down salami on a pizza, or sprinkled delicately over a plate of saucy pasta, cheese is like that one friend who rocks up to a boring get-together and suddenly you’re partying like it’s 1999. From bad days to stale pieces of bread, cheese just improves everything. 

Which is why we owe a hearty round of cheese/applause to the person who realised that instead of using food to ferry cheesy goodness into our mouths, we should cut out the middle man, and just plonk down some prime pieces of cheese on a platter and call it a day. 

Generally consumed as a cheesy finale at the end of the meal, we think it’s totally acceptable to choose a restaurant based entirely off their cheese platter offering. In fact we won’t judge (although your waiter might) if you forgo actual food and instead roll your tastebuds around a perfectly curated cheese board. Whilst we can’t help the sighing waiters, we can help with a list of Brisbane’s best cheese platters. Enjoy. 

Nantucket Charcoal Kitchen and Bar


With a Witches Chase triple cream brie and Fourme D’Ambert (blue) gracing the menu at Nantucket, choosing between dessert and cheese just got really damn hard. There is only one solution and that is to have your cake and eat cheese too. Served with lavoche and oat biscuits, those BBQ rice crackers are never going to cut it again. 

Mondo Organics

West End 

Dishing up local cheese and quince paste served with a sourdough fruit loaf, Mondo Organics knows how to elevate simple dishes, like the humble cheese platter, to a whole new level of delicious. The use of premium ingredients is key at Mondo, so head here next time you’re craving the good stuff. 

1889 Enoteca


Excusez-moi, but sometimes the smelly French cheeses need to step aside and make way for the Italian varieties. 1889 Enoteca has a deliciously savoury Italian cheese platter that is enhanced with the sweetness of raisin bread, pear, and honey. And yes, it might cost $29, but we all know that you’re better than that $2 brick of supermarket cheese. 


South Bank 

So you’re cruising around South Bank like the cool cat that you are, and suddenly you’re struck by the overwhelming need to consume some quality cheese (just me? Let’s hope not). Luckily Popolo is offering a delicious cheese platter with three cheeses, accompanied by its trusty sidekicks, quince paste and mustard fruit. 


Brisbane CBD

You know you’re in safe hands when you’re about to consume the cheese course at Aria because you can guarantee their cheeses have been selected with care and precision. Perfectly paired with a glass of wine, a view of the Brisbane river, and the knowledge that you will never be able to eat “Tasty” cheese ever again. 

Che Asado

South Bank 

Even being stuffed full of delicious Argentinian cuisine isn't going to stop you from munching on Che Asado’s cheese platter. A simple offering with one marked difference, Che Asado serves up pickles, fresh bread and malbec jam. If you think pickles and cheese are the bee’s knees then this course will only set you back $16.

Green Beacon Brewing Co


Craft ale and cheese is like the grown up version of milk and cookies, it just does good things for your soul. Green Beacon Brewing Co has a mature cheddar, a triple cream brie, and a blue on the menu, all served with artisanal bread from Chouquette and locally made quince. 



Mon Dieu! Montrachet has an entire section of the menu dedicated to Les Fromages. You must try the Roquefort and the Buche D’Affinois (a buttery triple cream brie)—it will be like a trip to Paris for your mouth. The cheeses are served with white truffled honey and thinly sliced baguette. 


New Farm 

We can’t think of a more suited place to graze a cheese platter than the cosy and elegant setting of Anise. Accompanying the standard triple cream brie and blue is a sweet julius gruyere from Switzerland and a crumbly germain langres washed rind from France. The perfect place to linger over that last glass of wine before doing a guilty post-cheese walk through New Farm Park. 

Regatta Boatshed Restaurant


There is no choosing between the Boatshed’s malteser tiramisu and their cheese course, you’re just going to have to sneakily unbutton your jeans and have them both. The Regatta Boatshed sticks to Australian Farmhouse cheeses like a Barossa Valley triple cream brie and a Gippsland blue, showing that you don’t need fancy French cheeses to deliver a heavenly cheese platter. 

Customs House

Brisbane CBD

You have got to brie kidding me with Customs House's cheese selection. Gracing the list of cheesy delights is a French St Agur Blue served with poached pear and truffled honey and a Spanish Monte Enebro goats cheese served with a red onion jam. With all cheeses being served with warmed walnut bread and a house made lavosh, you had cheddar be careful because this is some gouda stuff. 


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