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Feel The Burn: A Huge Chilli Festival Is Coming Our Way!

By Erin Curtain
27th Apr 2018

Let's set the scene for you: it’s the first Sunday in May. You are cold. The sky is a dreary grey, pathetically drizzling rain as you look out the window wishing for sun. You want to just stay in bed, but you are starving. You can’t cook for yourself, because the lethargy of the day has sunk deep into your bones.

Who will offer you salvation? What meal has the perfect combination of heat and spice to warmth, comfort, and add some pep in your step? You take a walk, conveniently down Caxton Street. You smell it before you see it. The welcoming aroma of spice hitting your senses all at once. You hear the excitement, the music, the chatter. Then, like a lighthouse out of the fog, The Caxton appears, bearing a sign that answers all of your prayers. The Hothead Chilli Festival is on Today!

For all you hot headed chilli lovers, The Caxton Hotel is offering the best of the best when it comes to the spiciest foods in Brisbane. On Sunday May 6th, The Caxton will be transformed into a hub of hotness, overflowing with every chilli known to man. 

As to what this event actually entails, expect food trucks, stallholders, a special chilli filled menu, spices, jerky, hot sauces and loads more. We recommend starting off with some spicy jerky for entrée, following that up with your choice of the deliciously fiery mains that are on offer, and wrapping up your feast with a chilli chocolate steamed pudding that might literally make your head explode.

For the brave of heart (and tastebud) you can sign up for the numerous chilli eating competitions throughout the day and earn the glory that comes with turning bright red and being in immense amounts of pain as you burn from the inside out!


What: Hothead Chilli Fiesta
Where: The Caxton Hotel 
When: Sunday 6 May, 12pm 
For more information, click here.

Image credit: The Simpsons

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