Brisbane’s Best Hot Yoga Studios

By Lauren Kavanagh - 29 Apr 2014

Bikram Yoga Brisbane
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Harlow Hot Yoga
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Fusion Hot Yoga
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Zen Hot Yoga & Wall Pilates
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Winter is fast approaching, whether we like it or not, which means that exercise outdoors is soon to become a massive struggle, even for the most dedicated fitness fanatics among us. You have a decision to make: Should you hibernate on the couch for three months in a snood and let all your summer-time hard work go to waste? Or should you get out there and werk that body, preferably somewhere warm?

Hot yoga is the latest fitness craze taking Brisbane by storm, and it's truly amazing! If you haven't tried it, make it your mission this winter. Not only will you be lengthening and stretching every part of your body, you'll be sweating just as much, if not more, than you would in your outdoor PT session (not joking).

So, to help you on your way to yoga greatness, here's a list of the best hot yoga studios in Brisbane.

Brisbane's best hot yoga studios

Bikram Yoga Brisbane

Bikram Yoga is a sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercise practiced in a specific order. Each class is 90 minutes and conducted in a heated room (and it gets hot, trust me!). The main aim of Bikram Yoga is to concentrate on maintaining a regular breathing pattern, which can prove to be quite difficult given the heat. But if you remain relaxed and take breaks when you need to, you'll rid yourself of all those bad endorphins and leave feeling refreshed.

Harlow Hot Yoga

Whether you are a yoga newbie, or you want to branch out and try hot yoga for the first time, the team at Harlow will help you embark on your hot yoga journey. Harlow is a lush inner-city yoga studio, situated in the Gasworks precinct of Newstead. The studio offers three types of classes (Harlow A, B and C), so don't be afraid to speak to the team about which class you should try for your first time — they will be more than happy to offer you advice.

Zama Hot Yoga

Zama Yoga offers hot, hatha, mums and bubs, pregnancy and kids yoga classes in Toowong. In conjunction with Celia Roberts, they also offer Yoga Teacher Training, including 200 hour and 350 hour courses and training in meditation and Ayurveda.

The team at Zama say that by practicing yoga regularly, you will feel more relaxed as well as having improved posture and concentration (and flexibility, of course!). You will have more energy through deeper breathing, and by improving blood and oxygen flow. Zama Yoga is for everyone, regardless of yoga experience.

Bikram Yoga Capalaba

This studio in Brisbane's Bayside is fully equipped with state of the art technology, luxurious changing facilities and most importantly a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for everyone to achieve their goals. Each class runs for 90 minutes and is suitable for all ages and all levels of ability, with each posture performed twice, for a systematic workout. Bikram Yoga is a comprehensive system of health maintenance and disease prevention, so if you're new to the Bikram craze, get to your nearest studio pronto!

Where: 2/17 Tombo St Capalaba

Fusion Yoga

Fusion Hot Yoga is dynamic and challenging. Each yoga sequence draws on traditional postures that encourage a strong, efficient body, leaving you feeling full of vitality and energy. Fusion offers a range of classes to suit every fitness level: beginners (for brand new yoga students), active beginners, and intermediate. Have a chat to the team before you start, and they will recommend the right class for you!

Zen Hot Yoga

Another hot yoga studio situated amongst the hustle and bustle of the inner city is Zen. This tranquil yoga studio, equipped with a gorgeous Japanese style hot yoga room, is the ideal location for some serious relaxation (and a serious workout). Zen Hot Yoga uses a concept called FAR infrared (FIR). FAR infrared stimulates endorphins — or the happy hormones — in the brain. Studies have also shown that FAR infrared heat induced sweat contains around seven times the amount of toxins, fat and impurities than regular sweat does (Um, wow). So keep your body limber and detoxified this winter, and visit the team at Zen today!

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