Light Up The Electric Blankets Brisbane, It’s Going To Drop To 7 Degrees

By Jessica Pridmore
30th May 2018


Okay, so when we alerted you to those dreadful Antarctic winds that nipped at our toes a few weeks back, we were under the impression that this was some sort of freak weather anomoly.

Clearly, we were wrong.

In fresh hell news that will chill you right to your Bonds singy, Brisbane will drop to a frosty 7 degrees overnight tonight. (If you were thinking of a BBQ out on the deck, maybe dine inside? Just a thought...)

The Bureau of Meteorology is reporting that temps will to plummet to as low as 7 degrees in the CBD and surrounds, and overnight temps will remain in the single digits well into next week. Yikes.

Obviously, we weren't given the memo that Brisbane had turned into the armpit of the Antarctic circle (last time we checked, it was still May FFS), so we'll just have to layer up our usual uniform of denim cut-offs and a tee with a wooly coat and a pair of home boots. #qldstyle

Wake us up when it's over...

Seriously, if you're after a good hot chocolate in Brisbane, we got you covered.

Image credit: Game of Thrones

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