Brisbane’s Best Bento Boxes

By Andrew Yap
23rd Oct 2016

best bento Brisbane

What’s in your lunchbox today? Soggy sandwiches? Stuff that! Get your grown-up on and grab yourself a bento box instead. You’ll feel like a kid again with its individual portions, applaud-worthy presentation, and is basically perfect for those that find choosing one dish really hard.

Bento, you’re our lunchtime hero! Here’s where to find Brisbane’s best bento boxes. Itadakimasu!



Besides having some of the best Japanese curry in Brisbane, Kadoya does a mean bento box with an endless list of main dishes to liven up your meal. They don’t skimp on their fish katsu; super crispy and light with a smooth texture, and check out the chicken karaage, deep fried oysters and grilled eel. We’re craving a bento from here right now!

Japanese Kitchen Mazri Kitchen


You haven’t had a real bento till you’ve been to Mazri Kitchen. Super authentic, they go back to basics by offering grilled mackerel as a main dish. Plus, if you like building your own bento (who doesn’t?), they have the most customisable options possibly ever. And all for less than $20. Heck yes!

Motto Motto

Upper Mt Gravatt

Motto Motto is a modern take on authentic Japanese food. Super cute dishes encapsulating everything Japanese—you won’t be disappointed!. You’ll be upsizing your main dishes into a bento just so you can snap photos of all the bowls slotting together like lego. #instaworthy



There is nothing ordinary about the bento boxes at Sono; expect exceptional cuts and immaculate presentation. We’re talking sashimi, tempura, pork belly, soft shell crab and teriyaki chicken all in one bento. Which is totally crazy. The really good kind of crazy!



Oshin is ‘oishii’ when it comes to bento. Soooooo good! Surf and turf anyone? Grab a sashimi and Japanese-style steak in a single bento, which will quench all your cravings in a single blow.



Tucked away in the beautiful enclave of Teneriffe, is Mizu. Most of their lunch bentos include sashimi along with other various side dishes which is exciting to say the least. Get over there on the weekend to grab one of their super traditional breakfast bento boxes and experience absolute authenticity! 

Image credit: Mizu

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