Brisbane’s Best Cheese Everything

By Rachel Lay
2nd Aug 2016


Cheese is a universal love language. We like to consider ourselves pretty fluent in cheese, we know how to talk the talk and walk the walk with a mean cheese board. But sometimes the best thing about cheese is that someone else does all the work. So, being the true cheese connoisseurs that we are, we decided to whip up this guide to Brisbane’s best cheese everything. BYO wine and boy/life problems.

Baked Camembert at The Brass Barrel

If you haven’t tried baked camembert, you’re in for a real treat. It’s got the gooey softness of a camembert but amplified by a thousand. It’s a ball of melted ooozey cheese served up with baby bell peppers, spiced pear puree, oat crackers, and smoked garlic. Yuuum! Dip the oat crackers into the melted cheese for a serious “yaaas” moment.

Vanella Burrata at Darling & Co

Burrata, Burrata… what would we do without you? Signs point to catastrophe. If you’re unfamiliar with burrata, allow us to explain: it’s cream wrapped up in mozzarella and served with heirloom tomatoes, black olives, and salsa verde. It’s seriously good. We love using the tomato as a cracker substitute and loading them up with cheese #lifehack.

Pork Cutlet with Fried Brie at Fromage The Cow

Obviously, we had to include Brisbane’s first fromagerie on this list. It would be rude not to, honestly. The pork cutlets though, with fried brie are something else. The pork is perfectly pink and cooked to perfection while the brie is a melted masterpiece. We love this dish., though, we also order the baked camembert as a starter, too. It’s cooked in a loaf of bread which is, obviously, heaven in a dish. 

The Mac Daddy at Miss Kays

A burger is great at the best of times. But when you add mac n cheese to a burger it gets pretty special. Our friends at Miss Kays know this fact all too well and kind of changed our lives with the Mac Daddy. Picture this: juicy beef patty, cheese, loaded fries AND mac n cheese. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.

Orginal Cheese Steak at PJs Steaks

We have a lot to thank America for (excluding Donald Trump) but we think cheese steak is one of our top picks. The fresh, soft Italian roll filled to the brim with cheesy, tender steak pieces holds a special place in hearts. Cheese, you win this round.

Cheese Cake at Jocelyn’s Provisions

If there’s one thing that takes our day from bleh to holy shit amazing, it’s a cheese cake from Jocelyn’s. Get the classic one and all your life problems will float away with just one bite. Thank you, cheese God.

Cheese Burger at Gerard’s Bar

Oh boy, this is a good one. The cheese burger at Gerard’s Bar is one of the best in Brisbane and matches perfectly with an Aperol spritz. The cheese-to-sauce, meat and bun ratio is perfection here. Remember those moments of desperation when you’re absolutely fangin’ for a burger and you can picture it clearly in your head: perfectly glossy bun, cheese dripping over the patty and the perfect amount of pickle peeking out? This cheese burger is that fantasy brought to life.

Croque Monsoir at Dello Mano

While the humble toastie is one of life’s greatest joys, this one puts them all to shame. It’s kind of amazing: cheese, bread, béchamel, more cheese, béchamel, bread and more cheese. The smell of it melting on the grill is enough to send even the healthiest of health-nuts into a cheese frenzy and demand (with physical force) a bite of yours.

Panko Crumbed Feta Stuffed Olives at The Alliance

Deep fried olives, people. Deep fried olives. Stuffed with feta. As if this doesn’t already explain our obsession, but we’ll continue. Feta is the perfect salty antidote to these fried and crumbed olives, it’s a real treat for the senses and pairs perfectly with a beer or three.

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