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Brisbane’s Best Chicken Wings | 2016 Edit

By Rachel Lay - 01 Feb 2016

We love chicken wings at The Urban List. So much so that we’re officially up to our 3rd list, if your fave is missing they're probably on our lists from 2013 and 2014. That means that the places on this list have well and truly earned their place So, roll your sleeves up, and get into the wings.

Gerard’s Bistro

New Farm

Who said wings weren’t romantic? These ones are even sprinkled with rose petals. The creative genius’ at Gerard’s in New Farm have put a spin on the American style wings you’re used to by injecting some middle eastern flavours into these delish wings.

Buffalo Bar


The wings at Buffalo Bar are seriously off cray. With flavours such as ‘Bitch Sauce’ and wings literally coated in bacon, cheddar and chive. So, see you there I guess.

Tom and Johns Wings

Boundary Street Markets

Tom and Johns Wings are perfect for those craving a classic hit of a hot buffalo wings. With the perfect amount of stickiness, Brisbane is cottoning onto these pretty fast so get in quick before they sell out! Plus, there’s a spicy garlic wing, which is like, the best thing ever. Catch them at the Boundary Street Markets.

Tippler’s Tap

South Bank

Sometimes fried is just best.  Tippler’s Tap in South Bank know this, and they also know that cheap is also sometimes best. Hence, their 1kg of $10 wings. Their blue cheese sauce rocks our world too.

Chop Chop Changs

West End

Chop Chop Changs in West End’s Gai Yang chicken wings marinated in tumeric are the perfect addition to Brisbane’s American-heavy wings scene.  And while not technically a wing, they deliver some serious yuminess with their Korean Fried Chicken (KFC, get it?) – seasoned in gochujang these deliver a serious punch.

Chur Burger

Fortitude Valley

Chur Burger in Fortitude Valley have their burger bases covered, but they also dabble in the wing arena. By dabble, we obviously mean they are killing it. Their Southern Fried Chicken Wings wih Jalapeno mayo are equal parts delicious and awesome.

Carolina Kitchen


Carolina Kitchen, in Coorparoo, is somewhat of an establishment when it comes to American food in Brisbane, so of course this list would be incomplete without them. Head to these guys for old-school American soul food that’s a little of the beaten track. Sometimes you just need a big bucket of buffalo wings, and for buffalo wings done right, you need to head to Carolina Kitchen.



Wingblaster in Clayfield really do love wings. So much so that they offer up almost every kind of wing possible: Korean, Vietnamese, Honey Sriacha and the Whingus Khan, Teriyaki… the list goes on. Plus, most of the wings on offer are GF, which is rare for a deep fried wing. Winning!

Red Hook


For all your deep fried kilo of wings cravings Red Hook in the CBD are your go-to. Open from lunch through to late night, these guys really are your guardian wing angels.

Mighty Mighty

Fortitude Valley

For chilli-addics, Mighty Mighty, in the Valley, has you covered. Their Holy Roller wings are deemed suitable for ‘chili freaks only.’ They also use Frank’s Red Hot in their buffalo wings, which is one of the best hot sauces of all time. There’s also options that pack less of a punch if chili ain’t your thing.

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