Brisbane’s Best Deep-Fried Everything!

By Catherine Blake
30th Nov 2016

best deep fried food brisbane

The world may never know another indulgence as naughty and pure as the sheer blessing that is deep-fried food. Who do we thank for this marvellous method? Which certifiable genius was it that decided one teaspoon in the pan wasn’t enough? Whoever it was, their legacy lives on in the gleaming, gnarly morsels lighting up the faces of diners all across Brisbane.

Your inner clean-eating votary may implore you to opt for a salad, but you’ve been doing that all year and gosh darn if you aren’t overdue to cut a little loose. The golden crunch of deep-fried anything is as titillating as it is wicked so go on, be a devil. You know you want to…

Here are our picks of the best deep-fried everything in Brisbane.

  1. Fried chicken and waffles at Miss Kay’s.
  2. Halloumi fries at the Yiros Shop.
  3. Tempura soft shell crab with shiso salsa from Sono.
  4. Lemon and ricotta stuffed zucchini flowers at Fromage the Cow.
  5. Buffalo wings at Carolina Kitchen.
  6. Kentucky fried duck with corn and lime at PUBLIC.
  7. Battered pickles at Red Hook.
  8. Truffle mac ‘n cheese croquettes at Defiant Duck
  9. Tower of onion rings at PJ’s Steaks.
  10. Crab croquettes at Motto Motto.
  11. Crumbed green olives from Bucci with fennel salami, pork, rosemary and chilli. 
  12. Flash fried lamb in spicy Sichuan oil at Happy Boy.
  13. Cronuts (and, while you're there, donuts) at Flour & Chocolate. 
  14. Chicken ribs at Hello Please.
  15. Cinnamon beignets with caramel sauce from Bourbon Street.
  16. Soft-shell crab taco at Chingón.
  17. Calamari at Julius Pizzeria.
  18. Panko-crumbed onion rings at Tippler’s Tap.
  19. Crumbed Mozzarella bites at Sorellina.
  20. Deep-fried ice cream at Sichuan Bang Bang.

Image credit: Miss Kay's by Ariana Gillrie

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