Brisbane’s Best Dumplings

By Phoebe Lee
17th May 2016

brisbanes best dumplings

As everybody in the history of time knows, dumplings were invented by the God of Happiness, who wanted us all to eat lots of dumplings and be really happy. The plan worked and now we’re all spoilt with decadent parcels of goodness containing juicy fillings, bursting with flavour. Dumplings are a gift to us all and it’s important we enjoy them as often as possible. To help you maximise your dumpling enjoyment time, we’ve sourced some of Brisbane’s very best dumplings.

Harajuku Gyoza

Fortitude Valley

One of the first places that comes to mind when you start dreaming of dumplings has to be Harajuku Gyoza. Well, great news, friends! They have four locations serving up little morsels of dumpling deliciousness across Brisbane. Their grilled pork gyoza are second to none, but they also  offer up steamed options for the health conscious, including a very yummy vegetarian option. Bonus points if you finish it off with Nutella gyoza.

Gyoza Bar Ann

Fortitude Valley

For the very best authentic Japanese dumplings, head directly to Gyoza Bar Ann. Unsurprisingly, it’s on Ann Street. The gyoza menu here is short and sweet, boasting perfectly primped and fried parcels of golden goodness, filled with your choice of pork, chicken, spicy, vegetable, prawn or seafood. Order one, order them all. The choice is yours.

Fat Dumpling

Fortitude Valley

The delightful little parcels of happiness at Fat Dumpling are hand-made daily and bursting with flavour. They offer poached, steamed and fried dumpling options, including pork and Chinese cabbage, prawn and garlic chives and vegetarian options. Their menu makes it hard to choose just a few to try, so be sure to roll in with your crew and a big hunger.

Dumpling Republic


If you find yourself in the city with a bad dumping craving, take a trip to Dumpling Republic in the Wintergarden. They take things very seriously here, with their head chef being something of a dumpling master. They offer up a huge range of dumplings to choose from, including steamed pork and crab meat, pan-fried pork and shrimp and steamed barbecue pork buns. Oh my.

Bamboo Basket

South Bank & Portside

You’ll find Bamboo Basket at South Bank and Portside, making all your dreams come true with their comprehensive Dim Sum menu. Wrap your chopsticks around their roast duck dumplings, pan-fried pork dumplings, steamed vegetable buns and pork and prawn Siu Mai. You’ll find the food fresh, delicious, bursting with traditional Chinese flavours.

New Shanghai


The fit-out at New Shanghai will have you transported to a dumpling heaven far, far away. Magical steam baskets contain delectable treats, like pork belly steamed buns and steamed crab meat and pork dumplings. You can also get your paws on some insanely good pan fried pork dumplings and a few fantastic vegetarian options too, like steamed veggie dumplings.

Happy Little Dumplings


The guys at Happy Little Dumplings boast a menu that is anything but little. Vegans won’t know what to do with themselves, when they see the Vegan Warrior Pack. Meat eaters are covered too, spoilt with giant, fluffy, BBQ pork buns as well as pork, chicken and prawn Shu Mai combinations. For something a little more traditional, try the pork and chive jiaozi.

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