Brisbane’s Best Fried Chicken | 2016 Edition

By Rachel Lay
5th Apr 2016

Best fried chicken Melbourne

Love fried chicken? Duh! Of course you do! We’ve eaten our way around Brisbane and searched high and low for the best of the best fried chicken. We rated crunch, crispiness, tenderness, golden tones and most importantly, deliciousness.

We’ve teamed up with the legends at Youfoodz to bring you this guide to the best fried chicken. 

#1 Bull Bar Restaurant


KFC is the bomb. No, we aren’t talking about Kentucky fried chicken, we’re talking about Korean Fried Chicken. The fare on offer at Bull Bar is authentic to a tee: golden crispy coating, a slight hint of spice that Korean chow is famous for, and the most tender juicy chicken you can imagine. The best bit? It comes in a huge heaping pile. Plus, Korean beer and KFC go together so well you guys, so well.

#2 Motto Motto

Upper Mount Gravatt

Motto Motto’s delectable bites of perfectly crispy and golden fried chicken are everything. Fried chicken served in bite sized pieces is perfect because we can shovel more into out mouths quicker, which is obviously ideal. Motto Motto are seriously nailing the fried chicken thing, with light and crispy bites of chicken made to be dipped in Japanese mayo—we’re guessing we’ll be hooked on this for life!

#3 Public


KFD is a thing people, listen up! Public’s Kentucky Fried Duck is so good we just had to include it in this round up of Brisbane’s best fried chicken. Served with corn and lime, Public aren’t playing around when it comes to fried ‘chicken.’ If you haven’t tried it yet, what have you been doing?

#4 Shady Palms


If Shady Palms know one thing, it’s fried chicken. Their ‘fried chook’ is all kinds of delicious and comes complete with mac and cheese and house made gravy that have you screaming for seconds. It’s golden friend yumminess that’s just the right amount of salty and comes in a plate big enough to share, but let’s be real for a sec, you won’t be sharing this. Why would you want to?

#5 Greaser

Fortitude Valley

Fried chicken tastes so much better when it’s in a super secret, hidden dive bar. Or is that just us? Greaser knows the magical secret behind the perfect fried chicken and make theirs with buttermilk. You get pretty much a whole chicken, deep fried and served up in a cute American style basket for you to devour. Plus, the chicken comes with not one, but two sauces for your dipping pleasure: red eye gravy and chipotle mayo…cue drools and tummy grumbles.

Image credit: Youfoodz

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